Wyze Bulb Color is White, Does Not Work For Us

Hi. Love the new smart light bulbs EXCEPT the color. I understand why they are white, but the color is tooooo much for us. We’ll never change from the old-fashioned (lol) “yellow” elumination. Thus, instead of using the new bulbs in our family/living room where we were going to turn on and off by mobile app when we were gone, we’re having to deploy them elsewhere… In this case, the basement and bonus room. Please figure out how to make them yellow in color when on, just like the old-fashioned “soft white” bulbs that, I guess, are being phased out by “the industry.” Thanks.

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Hi @wmsmoak, you can change the color to more of a yellowish tint in the app.

Bulb brightness and color


I have to agree, they are not very yellow. I find it difficult to match the bulbs to some of my old incandescent bulbs. Even turning the color all the way down does not get the “mellow yellow”.

But my aging eyes demand more lumens and I’d rather crank them up to bright light.

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With Alexa I set it to ,soft white, and it mimics incandescent bulbs pretty good

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It was “me” on this one. I missed the sliding control that goes from cool white to yellow. That does it for me/us! PS: At age 60, we still have teen kids (15, 17, 21). Need I say more as to how I didn’t see this awesome feature? lol I’ll be more careful in the future. Good work all. Great work Wyze Guys! (Maybe a little more yellow, please.) :grin:


Glad to help! :slight_smile:

Yup, get it to mellow