Award-Winning Wyze Bulb Color Available Again! 4/15/21

We just flipped a switch… and Wyze Bulb Color is back for its full debut! It’s racked up a few awards along the way, too. :bulb:

Friends don’t let friends pay $50 per color bulb. :flushed:


Woot! Finally got in on another 4-pack… because one can never have enough purple! :joy: Especially @ ~$10/bulb. :grinning:


I have to say, I love these! I got 8 in the first round, and put them in several rooms I would use them in.

Then I also put one in my office desk lamp, and set up a bunch of rules (using Alexa, for most of them) to make it flash different colors for different alerts. For example, if someone enters my property in the yard anywhere, my desk lamp turns red for a few seconds, then turns back off. If someone comes to the back (ie: my wife gets home…our garage is in the back) it turns green for a few seconds (both of those are triggered with person detection). I have some others set up too. I get special visual alerts without a lot of annoying sounds and I know exactly what the alert is based on the color and temperature of the light. It’s a GREAT notification system!

I also combined these with the new HMS motion sensor for my main office light. I set the sensor on max sensitivity and have it cover most of the room. Now when anyone enters the room, the light turns on automatically, and I have it set to stay on until all motion is clear for 10 minutes, then it turns off the light automatically. It’s so awesome!

You can really make great use of these bulbs in combination with other things. I’d get more, but now I have another 8 V1 Bulbs (that I just replaced with color bulbs) to use in places where color doesn’t matter. I’m putting them in all the places my daughter always forgets to turn off lights (her bedroom, bathroom, the den, etc) and using motion sensors to auto turn off her lights from now on! :slight_smile:


I’d switch but im pretty invested in the Phillips hue family lol, also I like having a base over wifi because more reliable but I may check it out in the future.

Where did you obtain your motion sensors from? Am I behind the ball and Wyze has been selling them all along?
I’m eagerly awaiting the shipment of my HMS with extra sensors.

Hey, you all at wyze can’t keep selling stuff with support that is not operational. I am so disappointed with you all. You used to be good but I guess things are changing. You may have got many followers and you think that the world is enough for you all. We are watching. Others did it and end up dumped. No one is indispensible.

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My HMS starter kit came in earlier this week, so I got 1 motion sensor from that, I already had a couple of V1 motion sensors, and I linked those to the new hub (so 3 total right now). I also have more V2 motion sensors coming in later this month (I ordered a bunch of extras when I ordered my HMS starter kit, but they’re shipping separately).

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Have you any idea of a potential shipping date?
Only but I’ve heard is kits with extra sensors ship after the orders for only the basic kit. Uuggggg🤦‍♀️

They did say later in April after the single core kits shipped. The weird thing is, they made it sound like anyone who ordered extra sensors would have everything (including their starter kits) shipped later in April after the standalone orders, but they just split my order and sent me the core kit first anyway. I’m not complaining about getting it sooner, but it is different than was implied in the email…so hopefully the others come sooner than expected too!


Per Jimmy @ Wyze:

Note that additional home monitoring hardware ordered should start going out by 4/24. That does not mean yours will ship on 4/24.


Thank you so much for thre update!!!
I often miss these, altho I do check my email regularly.

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Will they add the timer feature to the color bulbs? ! miss that from the original bulb.


Can you tell me what this timer feature does? I don’t think I am aware of it (I have several v1 bulbs).

Are the color bulb available for 220 v?

There’s currently no way to schedule colors, whether via a recurring schedule or a timer, at least not in the iPhone app. Only option is to schedule something with Google Home (or presumably Alexa) and at least on Google that means you have to use a descriptive color, like “purple”, rather than actually being able to choose a precise value.

Edit; I think I misread. The timer feature is that you can set a timer to turn off/on the bulbs after X minutes/hours. It’s the little timer icon in the upper left corner above the brightness slider for a bulb.

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We got our initial order and loved them so much we ordered more. They are much brighter than expected and work very well.