White Bulbs- there is no link to add to cart, have these been discontinued?

White Bulbs- there is no link to add to cart, have these been discontinued?

The shopping site is surprisingly poorly coded. I had to go back and forth a few times (off the Sense page and back to the Bulb page) to see the two options (4 pack and 1 pack) emerge, and when it finally let me add to cart, the cart remained empty. One time it very briefly displayed “Out of stock” but it was not reproducible and thus no screenshot.

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You can purchase he bulbs here:

Can you successfully add it to the cart? I cannot. It says “Adding…”, reloads the page, and the cart stays empty. This time I managed to catch the Out of Stock message.

I’m now having this issue too. I’ll try to get it looked into.

I just tested to see if it adds to the cart in the app and it does. I did not test to see if I could complete the order.

Okay, thanks, I hope the poster is successful. Still doesn’t work for me on mobile Fennec (Firefox).

Some of the Home Depot locations carry the bulbs and cameras. The price is a little higher but you’re not paying for shipping if you’re walking into a store to acquire them. And you’re not having to wait 2 weeks for shipping if a nearby Home Depot has them in stock.

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Wyze has now fixed the issue. I am able to add the single and 4 packs of regular bulbs to my cart.

I can’t find the bulb on the website although I do see it in the app, but only 1 pack. However it is out of stock. Will it and the 4-pack be back in stock? I am tired of some of my other smart bulb not connecting and just want to switch them out with Wyze bulb instead.

I’m also not seeing it on the website. I’m not sure when he 4 or 1 pack will be available. Wyze hasn’t announced anything regarding this yet.