Wyze Bulb Status

I’m looking to buy a few more from the Wyze Store but they are out of stock and now I notice not even listed. Have these been discontinued? They are listed on Amazon as well but they are listed as out of stock there as well. I’m not interested in the color ones at this time. Thanks.

Wyze has not announced these devices as being discontinued.

I did not see a link to them on the home page, so I ran a search under “Wyze Bulb” and did find them listed as out of stock at this time:

You could consider purchasing them from Home Depot. I saw them listed on there and they appear to be available:

Though they appear to be nearly the same price per bulb as the color ones (though I understand that’s not what is being sought here…I will mention that I often use several of my color bulbs solely for the normal white light, and they can go even brighter than the V1 bulbs when I want, but if you need to keep them all V1’s, Home Depot appears to still be in stock). :slight_smile:


I saw the listing at Home Depot but Home Depot’s stock is usually messed up and I don’t want to order something they don’t have. I did order from Amazon but they keep moving the ship date. Thanks for the information.

Well Amazon tells me its shipped and will be here tomorrow. We’ll see.

The Wyze bulb is still not showing up on the Wyze Store and if you search for it you find it but it’s out of stock.

I’m glad to hear you were at least able to find and order some.

I do like the white bulbs for general use. I use a lot contact switches as smart switches for them and tie them to different routines. For example, my teenage daughter leaves certain lights on all the time, such as when she goes to school, so I set rules to turn off those lights automatically after a certain amount time or after she leaves for school. Very handy, that.

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Hello All, I too have been very frustrated with the same WYZE posting ‘Out Of Stock’ or not listed condition for many, many months. They always seem to have the color bulb available at more $$. Seems convenient for WYZE to have only 1 bulb to sell. I’ve gone as far as phoning Customer Support who said they expect more any time. That was many months ago as well. I’m not spending $$ on a color bulb for 3x as much as the regular white bulb. I don’t need it, don’t want it. Maybe WYZE has gotten in over their heads bringing in all the new stuff with no one keeping house over the existing tech. Not being too PC I recall that all this comes from our friends in China.
I’ve been a WYZE customer from the beginning and was very pleased. Now I am seriously beginning to think of moving to another supplier vendor. Thanks for letting me rant. Hopefully WYZE finally listens.

While the Wyze Store seems to be perpetually out of stock, you may find some on Amazon. It’s a bit hit and miss though (currently the 1 pack/2 pack/4 packs are out of stock there too. If you see a price then it’s in stock.) I ordered a single bulb earlier and eventually I got it. I also have just ordered a two pack and it’s supposed to have been shipped and will take about a week to get it. Pricing when when you add shipping costs for the Wyze Store are the same as Amazon Prime.