Wyze Bulb @ Home Depot

I know all the typical grumbling home depot related questions get on here, but i have a genuine one. My local home depot sells every wyze products including the home starter kit but it DOES NOT sell the bulbs in single nor the 4-pack. is this just my local home depot or is this how all are?

There are no stores around here that have any in stock they all say
Ship to store
Pick Up: DEC 11 – DEC 16
Also says Free ship to store for pickup
Get them in about a week

In general, I think Home Depot doesn’t carry the bulbs, aside from the starter kit. That’s also true in my local stores. If they do carry them at all, I’m guessing it’s only regionally. BUT – right now is a great time to buy them from the Wyze site. They’re on sale for $5 each, and there’s also free shipping for orders over $99.

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