Home Depot and Wyze Spot lights

Just wondering if others had an issue with getting the Wyze new flood lights while they were on sale at Home Depot. I could not find a store in the Columbus, Ohio area with inventory the day the add came out or able to order thru Home Depot online. The day after the sale I noticed that there is now a little inventory for the lights back in the store. My local one says they have 2 in stock but they were not there yesterday, I was in the store. In fact most stores had very little to offer in the Wyze product line, a camera here and there, a couple of indoor plugs and a occasional outdoor plug. Home Depot’s site said out of stock and you could not order and have one shipped when inventory came back. I personally believe Wyze does not have the inventory to support a store chain as big as Home Depot. Ring had at least a 6-8 foot display, fully stocked and well displayed on at least 3-4 shelves. Wyze had 18 to 24 inches on 3 shelves. I am not dogging Wyze but it is sad to see they keep coming out with new products almost monthly and are not stepping up to taking care of issues.


I think supply, or lack of, is due to price point… which is Wyze’s disruption strategy. The Ring Outdoor Wi-Fi Cam with Motion Activated Floodlight sells for $179.99 at my Home Depot and they are fully stocked. The same Wyze product sells for $99.98 at my Home Depot. The Ring display area size here is similar to yours, but the Wyze display area is 4 times larger than Ring’s and out in the open. Unfortunately, EVERYTHING Wyze is gone:

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How might this bounty trickle down to faithful support-people-who-are-not-employees-but-customers-just-like-me? :thinking:

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Wow, where did that display come from. The 3 Home Depots in my area only has 18 to 24 inches of space on 3 shelves next to the Ring display. Never saw anything like this in any of the stores and I was all over the electrical department area of the stores.

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Our 4 home depot has a huge display and most is sold out as well I spoke to the general manager about it and he told me that by this Wed they have 2 huge wyze shipments due in

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my local HD has NO WYZE display … the few Wyze products are mixed in with Ring and other products in the smart home section.

I concur with Southern_gal. It seems that all Home Depots were not treated the same as far as Wyze displays and inventories are concerned which brings back to my original thoughts. Is Wyze a large enough company as far as inventory goes to stock a national chain such as the afore mentioned. This does not seem to be the case. I was vendor to a smaller 7 store chain in Ohio so I know somewhat of what is suspected. I have also seen how a national chain will built up a small company and get them dependent on their orders and then drop the company and watch how they respond and then step in as the company begins to falter and offer financial support mostly in the way of a buyout. I hope this is not the case for Wyze as I enjoy their products. I just wish they would take time and fill a few simple requests like individual ringtone for each unit. Also fix some connectivity issues. Why does a Wyze outdoor plug have low or no connection ability and a couple feet away further from the router is a WOC with full bars? Are they using different quality of connection hardware/software.


Yikes, that’s harsh. But ‘best practices’ these days I suppose.