Wyze should stop trying to sell the Cam Floodlight through Home Depot. Apparently this item is exclusively only available at HD. I just tried to order one and their online system is so bad it let me order it and then I got a call from the store saying it was out of stock and they were going to refund the purchase. I checked and not only was it not refunded but the rep said that the store says I picked it up and they need to call the store only the store isn’t picking up the phone and they are the only ones that can authorize a refund. As if going to home depot wasn’t enough of a soul crushing dumpster fire of an experience their whole instore process is a [Mod Edit]. I would love to buy this somewhere, anywhere else and am going to simply dispute this with my cc because I am not going to waste any more time trying to contact a HD location. That in itself is enough to want to take a gun to your head. I can only imagine someone in marketing at wyze woke up with a hangover and said hey lets do this co-op with HD. First off I was actually at this location and the merchandising of your product is so pathetically bad that I don’t know why you would want to be associated with them other than the volume they might bring. HD is such a horrible place and overall I really like your products. I have 2 pan cams, 2 locks, a 4 cam outdoor system. Why have you made it such a horrible experience to buy another one of your products.

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I like Home Depot a lot. Lowes is usually cleaner and more organized but Home Depot more often has what I need and at a better price. Their house brand screwdrivers are MUCH better than Lowes’ crap.

Wyze should continue to sell their stuff as widely as possible if they intend to succeed. Too bad their current Costco bundle is based on the WCO though. :frowning:


Sorry you’re having a tough time with them, but I got 5 of them via Home Depot, on sale, so I avoided shipping time and cost. I did have a delivery have to get rerouted from another store, and another purchase got cancelled, but got my refund. There are several Home Depots in my city, and I just had to keep asking around until I found them in stock at some of them. These floodcams aren’t the only thing they are having trouble with, regarding inventory. I have found, and the employees have told me, that lots of items in their inventory system aren’t correct.

Not even remotely talking about price of screwdrivers here. Sure plenty of things at HD are cheap. The customer service, the whole experience. There may be better run stores but the one closest to me is an absolute disaster. From the parking lot to the inside. And then there is the fact that they don’t have hardly any wyze products in stock. So I am curious how much they are exactly selling and how beneficial it is to the company.

I am curious how much time you spent “asking around” and how much time would have been saved if you could have just bought them from wyze website. But they are our of stock and apparently you have to go to Home Depot. And they are about $15 more at HD then on their website. Which you can’t get them from. There may be better run stores but the one closest to me is an absolute disaster. From the parking lot to the inside. And then there is the fact that they don’t have hardly any wyze products in stock. And let me order it from the store so I don’t trust they won’t let me order another and it also be in stock and then have to waste time with a refund. It’s really a pretty awful experience all the way around with HD.

My latest experience happend a couple weeks ago when I did finally get the wyze floodlight with wyzecam v3 and the cam didn’t work. I have installed it and actually got to speak to someone in tech support at wyze. Although they tried to be helpful they didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t know with the installation. In the end they said they would have to replace the camera, which was on Jan 5th. So my disenchantment with Home depot and Wyze continues.

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Just go buy a V3 and whenever your warranty 1 shows up you will have a spare alot of people are useing the outer usb on the floodlight for a second camera