Preorders vs Homedepot

So, I found something interesting yesterday while out shopping. I noticed that my local Homedepot now has a nice section for Wyze products. I think they had an area before in the store, but not like this. I was interested to see what products they had to offer, so I went over there to check it out. Needless to say, I was kind of taken back as to what they had available. I preordered the Wyze floodlight the day it was announced for sale by Wyze. Interestingly enough, Homedepot had them in stock, and my order was still being processed from weeks ago.

Maybe I’m making a bigger deal out of this than it is, but shouldn’t the people that back your product by doing preorders get their product first before you supply a big box store? Personally, I feel like I funded this product to help Wyze get the volume needed to supply Homedepot. To me, the whole idea of backing a product is so that you can get it first when it’s available. Did I miss something where Wyze said they would have to fulfill orders with Homedepot first?

I’m interested to hear other people’s thoughts. I personally don’t know if I’ll preorder another product if this is how the company will handle it. And I’ve preordered/backed many different products from Wyze for years now.

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I think yours is a reasonable expectation. One thing, I’m pretty sure my pre-orders don’t hit my card until the order fulfillment happens. In fact, I have my card send me texts anytime my card is charged but not present, that usually happens before I even get a notification that an item has shipped… like an early warning system.

I kind of came to the same conclusion as you regarding from where I buy Wyze products. But still I get fomo and go ahead and preorder if it’s something I really, really want, like the outdoor cam solar panel. I reason that something like that may not be carried by HD and so I do go ahead and preorder.

Plus, i feel certain that Wyze has to make some reasonable assurances to HD regarding supply to get them to carry their products. But, I’m not saying that makes our feelings about it invalid, Hopefully right now it’s down to global supply chain issues. At least I’m willing to give Wyze the benefit of the doubt on it… for now.

(Still, I check for solar panel every time I visit the store. I only need one so not sure what I’ll do if I find one at HD before January. Buy another ODC I guess. :laughing:)

Don’t remember Wyze saying anything about getting products first, but that would be right to assume.

I mean, you are preordering it. The entire point of doing that would be to get it as soon as possible. Your issue might just be a delivery issue, but I’m not sure. Wyze tends to take a very long time to get their products to their customers (7-14 days).

Hope this helps somehow,
– Fishy

Some products may be down to slow shipment processing at Wyze, but the switch preorder delivery isn’t a fulfillment issue. HD put switches on the floor loooong before Wyze was ready for it. The app wasn’t even updated for switches. Wyze sent HD a message to pull the switches back. From forum messages, some stores complied while others kept them on the shelves. I bought mine (3 switches) in store about 3+ weeks ago and am still waiting on Wyze shipment. It’s ok because I’ve decided I can use at least 3 more…

I can understand your frustration. Especially not having received your product yet. But specifically with this Floodlight product, it was announced right up front it was available at Home Depot from day 1. This wasn’t like most of their product launches, where we purchase it months before it’s actually available. There was stock available online, and in HD stores from the day they posted it. Not sure why you haven’t received yours yet, especially if you ordered the first day. Unless they were so overwelled with orders that they went through their existing stock before fulfilling yours and are waiting on more.

One thing that bothers me is the shenanigans with the pricing. I can’t recall the exact numbers, but the light was advertised, as what, $74.99, I think? But of course it’s $14.99 for shipping. So, I figure, I drive right past a HD on my way home, I’ll stop in and pick one up, and save my $15 shipping. Nope, HD is $99.98, the exact price of the product plus shipping from Wyze. Just feels like games are being played with pricing and shipping.

Ah, alright. So it’s a distributor issue?

Maybe that was a problem with timing between the companies. In that case, it isn’t just Wyze’s fault that it happened. This is, of course, if I’m understanding what you said correctly. Is weird how some stores just flat out refused to do anything about this mistake.

Thanks for the clarification,
– Fishy

I do know that there are usually agreements to prevent direct sales from undercutting retail sales and vice versa. It’s possible I guess that the shipping charge is meant to make up the difference to keep prices competitive. I would think Wyze offering the same price as retail but ‘free’ shipping would make buyers happier. Would eliminate the shipping charge gripes anyhow. But on the flip side, a $99 light couldn’t be advertised for 75 bucks…

I guess the moral of the story is if you see a gadget in the store for $x, just consider that Wyze’s price as well and go ahead and go for instant gratification. :partying_face:


Thank you for the info. I did not see that statement when placing my preorder, which is why I asked the question in my initial posting. Good to know. Hopefully, my order will show up soon!

Exactly spot on! I also pre-ordered a cam/flood light. And then noticed it available on Black Friday at Home Depot but only for delivery. I bought two and had them hooked up and working. Today my pre-ordered flood/cam arrived. We funded the HD order apparently.