New Products?

Hey everyone! I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve pre-ordered a new Wyze product. My guess is that they want to shorten the time between launching preorders and shipping them, so they’ve been quietly developing new products and are going to have them available to ship more quickly after announcing them. On a similar note, they could be using this time to build up inventory from overseas so there isn’t a delay that is hard to predict.

What do you think, is anyone else getting excited about new product launches? I’ve noticed they usually release stuff on Tuesdays, so I’ve been keeping an eye on Wyze for the last few weeks, but haven’t heard anything yet.

I am definitely excited to see what Wyze will be offering in the future. I always watch as well.

After the last set of PreOrders were shipped, WyzeJimmy posted this:


Good catch! It was always fun watching for his weekly emails, and I remember a time where I had over like 6 products pre-ordered!

Fingers crossed we hear an announcement tomorrow!

Interesting to hear that there will not be pre-orders on the new products this year. Honestly, I think I was done with pre-orders anyways. As excited as I was/am for new tech, I am willing to wait, especially for the first round of bugs to be found and resolved.

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Not to mention it felt weird where they held my money for 6 months before I actually received a product. I think they were in dire financial straits and used the money to pay for the manufacturing, but I’m glad to see them change the strategy to ship new products right away.

Before the Atari hone computer division folded, they would announce new products, and then nothing beyond that. This was called vaporware. Very frustrating for the consumer.

The last straw on pre-orders for me was the Wyze Switch. I ordered it online and waited several weeks. I could have gone to my local Home Depot the same day as I placed my order. Just sayin’.

Yeah, vaporware definitely is a real thing. I would never buy a product based on features that a company may offer at some point in time in the future. Unfortunately, we’ve seen that a few times from Wyze.

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Same here, I ordered three of the three packs, but couldn’t wait any longer, so I got one single pack from home Depot to play with it