New Flood light partnership with home depot

I’ve been an early investor since almost the beginning and I’ve purchased 12 or 15 products but my relationship will end immediately as result of your partnership with home depot. Business relationships are important and companies need to partner with companies with the same values, who walk the walk and talk the talk and I do something different behind the scenes.

Wyze products have been sold there for a long time.


Why is the relationship with Home Depot bad?

I find their clearances on wyze product are great!
Wyze shipping charges have become out of control. While HD sale price usually cost as much as wyze +shipping, HD tends to have wyze on sale quite frequently and you can score a better price than buying from wyze.

Also returns at HD are extremely simple vs getting support from wyze directly.


home depot (hd) talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk. hd talks out of both sides of its mouth. After the January 6th, Riot and Insurrection hd communicated they would no longer support certain PACs. But that only lasted a short while as they reneged on that pledge. hd continues to support PACs and individual politicians who supported the Riot and Insurrection, as well as other conservative initiatives against human rights, DEI,and basic truth and honesty. Therefore, I do not patronize hd or any brand which partners with them, and that now includes Wyze.

It included Wyze for years. You just didn’t notice.

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Didn’t notice because I don’t shop at hd.

Don’t know about all that but they’ve been a long standing business supporting my local community and employing folks over here for decades so I’m happy to purchase from them when it represents a good value. Likewise don’t have a problem buying from lowes.
I guess the owner gets to spend his/her money as they want and don’t need my approval.
There are other forums to discuss politics, let’s leave this one for Wyze products. Thanks

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I’m not discussing politics, You responded to my post asking why, so I explained my situation to you. If if you had not asked me why, politics would never have entered the conversation. Be careful what you ask for. Thanks.