Pretty upsetting experience

Bought 6, that’s 6 outdoor cams and one base (supposed to be gifted another base) in July. Spent over $500. Two weeks later a bundle is put on sale for over $100 less and the other two cameras now on sale. This is super disappointing in this economy when some of us are still struggling to recover from the pandemic. When I called to inquire I was told it was an unfortunate situation but nothing they could do. Pretty upsetting.

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Sorry this happened, that can certainly be annoying but how is Wyze supposed to fix that? It’s a very great deal Wyze has put up, and they can’t keep it up forever. That’s just how sales and stuff work.


You clearly don’t do much shopping.

I do a lot of shopping. Mostly because I am renovating a mid century architectural to original.

I regularly purchase items that I know I will be needing down the road when I see them on sale because I know if I wait I will be paying full price.

But, there are also times I buy things that aren’t on sale because I have to have them and then I see them on sale later on. I’m not going to get the new sale price on old purchases and the store isn’t going to refund me the difference because the terms of the sale are only for a set time and I purchased outside of that time frame. That’s just the way sales work, they are only for a limited time.

I know there are big box retailers that will give you the difference if you purchased your item within a set time before the sale, but those retailers are rare in my experience. I wonder if Amazon has that policy?

It is unfortunate that you bought before the sale happened, but I don’t think Wyze’s policy is out of line with the rest of the online sellers.


Most companies will refund you the difference if it’s within the refund period. It seems Wyze doesn’t do this, I’ve run into a similar situation… bought two Wyze flood lights 2 days ago, and they went on sale today. The live chat person said they can’t do anything… facepalm Not sure I like this policy. It makes me reconsider ever buying anything. I can understand if its outside the return window… totally understandable… but just TWO days later not helping a customer out… kind of shady IMHO.

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The Wyze Floodlights went on sale 3 days ago. 9\20\22 in the AM.

Fall sale started today. So, sure, they “were on sale” and went on double sale today.

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Really…Double sale. Haven’t experienced that yet.

So what price were they two days ago vs today?

Well… it could be a triple sale lol. Because there is a subscriber bonus on top…
It was 75.99 (on the app, don’t remember what it was on the website,) when I bought it on Wednesday. Today its 73.99 on the website, but if you log in and have Cam plus its $69.99

You will get the subscriber bonus only if you order it thru the website. That is a Website only added feature for current subscribers on most hardware purchases (not all) any time and is not dependant on the sale. It has been a feature of the Website for a long time.

The Floodlight went on sale 3 days ago for $79.99 which is the same price: $73.99 + $5.99 flat shipping in both the app and website before the subscriber bonus for the current “Fall Sale”.