Black Wyze cam at Home Depot on Black Friday

Page 3 of the Home Depot 2019 Black Friday ad. Awesome but couldn’t find out what time they open. Does anyone know?

Might be best to call up your local store. How much they going for? Couldn’t find them on the online ads.

they’re $25.98 . just Google this “home depot black friday ad 2019” ad should come right up

page 3

Not sure if they have any in-store… They have it for sale online already though.

Edit: According to the email that was sent out. The black version will also be available in store at Home Depot.


Thanks, in for one, I want a bunch, I’d prefer to order from Wyze but I’ll keep all bases covered.

Went to a Home Depot today. They had at least 20 Cam V2’s in BLACK that came with a 32 GB Micro SD for $30. When I looked at their website it showed that they didn’t have any of these in the store. Also, I bought five of the Wyze Plugs there for $5.00 each (half price). I wonder if HD is going to dump Wyze.

I think those are their black friday prices nationwide

I could use a couple more plugs, especially for that price. I went a few days ago and the v2s were $39 plugs were $10. The V2s were in some new large boxes.