Black Friday 2019

I am anxiously awaiting the 2019 Black Friday details for purchasing here on the site. It will be my first Wyze purchase!
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As far as I know, they haven’t confirmed what deals they might offer through the website on Black Friday. Wyze doesn’t tend to offer huge discounts, because their profit margins are already much slimmer than their competitors, so we’ll see if there’s any special offer. They did do a free shipping offer on their birthday last month, which was the first major discount they’ve ever done, as far as I know. Percentage-wise, it worked out to about 20-25%, since they essentially build the shipping cost into the price of the product. (When you buy it through third-parties, the price is equal to the base price + shipping on the Wyze site.) I’m not sure if they’ll do something similar again or not, but realistically, I think that’s probably about the most you could expect to see.

They ARE offering a limited-edition black camera on Black Friday, but they haven’t indicated that it will be priced any differently than normal.

There’s also a bundle deal at Home Depot on Black Friday where they’ll throw in a free Google Home Mini when you purchase $90 or more in Wyze products. The Google Home Mini is available on its own for $19 on Black Friday, so that’s the effective discount.

Home Depot will also have the 2-pack of Wyze Plugs for $17.88 (Normally $19.97) If you’re looking at the price through the Wyze website, that might seem confusing, since the list price on the Wyze site shows up as $14.99, but as I mentioned before, Wyze builds the shipping cost into the base price for third-party resellers. When you buy it through the Wyze site or through a third party, the actual price is about $19.99. So it is a discount, even though it may not look like it on the surface.

I found a tech blog saying that the bulbs will be available for $5 each from Black Friday through December 14, but it doesn’t indicate whether that price is inclusive of shipping. If the information is accurate, I would assume the price does not include shipping. However, the article included several things that I know to be false, so I’m not sure whether that’s trustworthy information or not. Haha.


Thanks for the information. I think the prices are exceptional and I will purchase regardless of any Black Friday sales. Now I cannot decide if I want black or white?

If you plan to use it through a window, I’d suggest a black camera, as it will help reduce the glare, especially at night. Otherwise, just pick what you like!

If you want a black one, be aware that it’s a limited run, so if you want it, be sure to grab it while they’re still available. :slight_smile:

I would recommend black also because of the glare issue @nerdland mentioned but also because it is a limited run and you can add white ones at any time.

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