Home Depot clearance on Black V2's for $9.58

Wyze cam black on CLEARANCE at Home Depot YMMV $9.58

Wyze cam black is on clearance at Home Depot YMMV

Wasn’t marked on sale at the store but they are listed on BS. They were on the shelf mixed in with the white cams.

Rang up $9.58 for me at one store and full price at another. Both stores show “clearance” on BS.

( If you are afraid of “data leaks” throw your cell phone in the ocean )

From slickdeals


It would appear I have some stops to make on my way home.


Careful. That’s a lot of tracking web sites.

Nooo, send them to me. I’m learning Chinese :grin:

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Most people seem to be saying it’s the normal price, or maybe $2 cheaper. But not $9.58. If anyone verifies this at their local store, I’d buy out their inventory probably. Haha.


Looking like fake news or one store accidentally typed the wrong price. I would love for someone to duplicate and document these results.


I was just in my local HD store and the cams are still regular price. :disappointed:


So it just rang up wrong at that one store? If they really are $9.58 I will stock up enough of them to cover every inch of my place and still have a few left over to set up outside as coyote cams.

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Should post a pic of receipe… may be we can price match.

I (and I’m sure others) are very frustrated that Wyze won’t even sell to Canada, and now I see this. Can someone explain why these are on clearance, is this HD or Wyze? Just how cheap is HD getting them from Wyze in order to clear them out this cheap?

US or Canadian dollars? at which City.
Perhaps Wyze V3 is in the pipeline.

It’s usd, wyze doesn’t sell to Canada.