Wyze Cam Black Has Arrived!

Happy Black Friday, everyone!

Our limited edition Wyze Cam Black is back and now available for purchase while supplies last on wyze.com, in the Wyze app, and at select Home Depot stores.


Order completed :grin: Black 2



Do you guys have any projections on how long supplies might last? Debating whether to buy today or wait until the free shipping over $100 kicks in on December 4th. :slight_smile:

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Got my order for three (the max) placed.

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Why did they limit it to 3 per order? I had to place 2 orders, might order more.
Beats hand painting w/ a Sharpie.
/edit - and thanks @WyzeGwendolyn and all the Wyze people missing the holiday to get this released before midnight EST, now I can go to bed without staying up for midnight PST.


Shouldn’t “Person Detection” be removed?

It’ll work until mid-January, and then come back again later.

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Do you mean It will?

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Pleased it’s back. my wish is for a black accessories package! Longer cord would be so helpful. Plugs are never where you need them.

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Just ordered 3 Black, but here’s my issue. On the web “my account” page I was able to create both default shipping and payment addresses. I live in the Virgin Islands. But when placing an order I couldn’t use either. VI is not in the list, PR is…

However if I could use the app on the phone I can select VI, but it crashed all day…

So I have to pay sales tax and shipping to my daughter instead of shipping here w/no sales tax…

Please sync this disconnect.

Just stopped by my local Home Depot. I had no idea there would be this many black cams. I was expecting to find maybe a dozen per store, but they seem to have almost as many black cameras as white ones. Cool!

I know that they only ship to the US, although I’m not sure whether that includes US territories or not. (And you didn’t specify if you’re in the US, Spanish, or British Virgin Islands anyway. If it’s Spanish or British, I know they definitely don’t.) If the app isn’t working, it may be because it doesn’t actually support your destination. I know you said you can select it in the app, but I’m wondering if that’s an accident, basically.

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They ship from the app to the USVI, just not the web…Shop is completely crashing as it has in the past with these kinds of promotions in the app…
Also there are no Spanish VI, only US and British…

Have you successfully ordered from the app to USVI before? Or you’re just saying that because the option appears?

Also… Spanish Virgin Islands - Wikipedia

But I guess that’s a misnomer and referring to their previous affiliation. It’s US, so I guess that would count as USVI. Haha.

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Just got a ship confirmation on my order, ordered before 1 AM ET. :+1:

More than once, only these specials kill the app store. its a USPS valid address. Mail works fine. Vieques and Culebra are considered PR now. By both the Puerto Ricans and US Virgin Islands. I can see them on a clear day to the west of me (St. Croix) and the BVI to the North.

Yes, that will be interesting tracking the packages.
I got confirmation of of my order at 2340 EST Thursday, rec’d the email from Wyze that the Wyze Cam Black was now available at 2417 EST Friday, and at 1108 EST Friday got the email it has shipped.
At 1850 EST Friday still no tracking info other than it is coming Fed Ex,

/edit Saturday, Sunday, Monday no more info
Tuesday about 1430 EST I checked Wyze site while checking on my new locks and it says"
Tracking information is currently not available. Please [contact us ]" :frowning:
So I Google the tracking number and I get"
Scheduled delivery:
Wednesday 12/04/2019 by end of day"
YAY!!! :slight_smile:

They were delivered this morning. 3 to a box. Wyze web site still says no info available.
So from 2340 Thursday last to 0700 today, Wednesday (caught on Wyze cam). I dare say good performance.

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Ordered mine through the app and it went straight through very quickly. Got a confirmation # in the order history. No email yet. :thinking:

Edit: I got my email confirmation and my order has been marked shipped. :grinning:

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I’m so tempted to order, but I know I don’t need it.

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