Black V2's for sale at Wyze

It’s in the news :slightly_smiling_face:

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That was about a half hour after I bought and posted.

Just picked up a couple. Glad to see them offered.

Just grabbed a few myself!

Home Depot has them but they’re $26 there. Does anyone know if they will match the $19.99 price?

The price on the Wyze website is identical, because it doesn’t include shipping. Although if you buy multiples, the Wyze site is a little cheaper.

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OK, cool. I guess I’m so used to "free"shipping through Amazon that I didn’t realize that Wyze charges shipping through their site.

Anyway, I did buy a couple from Home Depot. Already have one set up on top of a black bookcase and it blends in perfectly. I think the other one will be my outdoor night cam.

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