Wyze Battery Cam Pro Black - Released 10/26/2023

Protect anywhere. See everything in 2K HDR. No wires, no hubs, microSD card compatibility, and now available in black. :black_heart: Check out Wyze Battery Cam Pro Black at a great price. :point_down:


This is awesome! I really hope a black solar panel becomes available soon though. I purchased some from Temu but I’m afraid to use them because according to my usb tester they output 7 volts, which is a little high for usb.

I may test them on an old WCO first though.


A new color? Ok the black is nice and all, but I thought in years past that a new color being available wasn’t a new product.

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Wow! I’m impressed with how awesome the BCPro looks in black!

Should’ve launched black first. :slight_smile:


That’s odd that it says stealth mode since the 850nm IR LEDs are plainly visible as red lights.

The V3 940 nm LEDs are fairly invisible but this one isn’t.

Calling it a starlight sensor is also a reach since it appears to have much less low light capability than the V3, the V2 Outdoor or even the budget OG cam for $18.

Those all have at least 2-3x the light gathering ability over the Battery Cam Pros that I tried.

I’ve taken time lapse and videos of stars on a dark night that are just fine with a V3 while the Battery Cam Pro couldn’t see a thing at night.

It was surprising how much less ability it has than their other cameras.

Maybe the one I got was a dud,
and with the replacement one as well.

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Got 2 battery cams. I can say I am not impressed at all. Can’t see anything at night even with night vision on. If you set the video for 12 second length you don’t get notifications for about 30 second if you set it to a minute length it takes 2 to 3 minutes to get an alert. Which is worthless.

Does anybody else have issues with the batteries, as the camera drains it’s power very quickly even with standard settings? I mean it only last 6h then I need to recharge or replace the battery and that seems to defeat the purpose as I can constantly be there to change it. I even turned off the camera through the app and yet it had drained the battery during the day and only had 28% left when I was planning to have it on.

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Hi Marcusp

It should last much longer than that.
I can leave mine on for weeks if there’s not a ton of usage.

I’ll do some checking on battery life.
Initial measurements look like 15 minutes of live footage for 1% of use but I’ll check in more detail.

I know if mine if turned off it can hold fairly well. not 5% per day or anything

I’m having the same issues with battery dying quickly anybody have any suggestions? I did purchase a solar panel just hooked it up late yesterday but the battery still died overnight! How can you tell if it’s charging it

I do not know if this is good or bad, but I have mine set to record events and after 10 days of multiple events (because I hav=d to go out and shovel snow in front of the camera) I have used 23%. I did try as an experiment to set the camera to continuous recording to the SD card and I only lasted a bit more than a day. I did not expect the battery to last a long time on continuous as the system did warn me it would put a big drain on the camera.