Giveaway: Wyze Cam Outdoor v2! 5/19/22

We have a giveaway happening right now! :partying_face:

Starlight. Color bright. If you haven’t already, meet Wyze Cam Outdoor v2! Now with Color Night Vision, an even wider field of view, and with the same whopping 6 months of battery life. Fully backwards compatible with your existing Base Station and Wyze Solar Panel. :star2:

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my wyze cam outdoor v2 color night vision work once then quite. i can no longer see night vision color

Can you tell me what you have your night vision settings at?


Is this just v3 parts and the t31 in a wyze outdoor? Adiditoinally there is mentions of 24/7 recordings with updated SD Card. Does that mean that it can be optimized to run / record continously and make use of the solar panel? Does it utilize the same base station or do I need to update my base station to make use of the v2 outdoors?

I do not know what the exact components are inside.

I do not believe the solar panel would give it enough power to record continuously

It will connect to the same bast station the WCO v1 utilizes


Oh sweet! I don’t have a WCO V2 yet! Maybe I can win one!


This thing is awesome… Same base station (you can buy it stand-alone on website)… not continuous recording … solar panel works… Great camera.

Have had it for 2 weeks. The original Outdoor was good, this one is real good (mainly because of color nightvision, which is awesome).

It’s been available at Home Depot since the beginning of April, and has been getting sold on the Wyze Website for several weeks now in place of the WCO v1. They just didn’t make a big announcement before.

People have been posting their reviews about the new device in other threads for 6+ weeks. For example:

This post is announcing a giveaway event for multiple purposes, including getting people to become active on their other social platforms as well as to raise awareness that the WCO now has some upgrades/improvements a lot of people have been begging for, and which they told us last year was coming as soon as they could reserve enough chips to make it happen (there has been a chip shortage). A lot of people didn’t realize this has been available for a while, so this helps people know the upgrades many of them have been asking and waiting for are available now.


As an early adopter of WCO v1 (and have my cam hat to prove it), I say without hesitation that WCO v1 wasn’t in any way "good.” So many issues with battery (less than 1 month of recording time) and recordings that I gave up and decided to use v3 cameras outdoors where I needed them and just ran wires.

If they’ve indeed fixed all of those issues and added v3 features to WCO v2, I feel like they should send a free one to everyone that early-adopted v1 and worked out all the bugs for them through simply trying to use it as it was designed.


I know what you mean. I get one notification after I enable them on my WOC v1 and then nothing else all day. I’ve played with the settings and can’t get it to send another notification unless I turn off notifications and then turn them back on.
Also having a limit d field of view that would trigger a notification never made sense to me. I use a V3 in its place now and don’t really rely of my WOC v1 for anything anymore.