I’ve seen the Wyze Cameras at Homedepot, but not at Lowe’s. Has anyone seen them at Lowe’s or is Wyze not going to sell them there?

Homedepot is so far from me… 26 miles… Lowe’s is only about 14. - Does anyone know if Wyze will also team up with Lowe’s?

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I haven’t seen them at my Lowes, but I would prefer it over Home Depot since Lowes gives me a 10% veteran’s discount on everything.


first of all… Thank you for your service!!
I get 5% since I have the Lowe’s card :slight_smile:

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I’ve noticed Home Depot will ship the Wyze cams to you for free if your order is over $45. If you purchased two cams, they would be shipped to your door at no extra cost. My local HD has 187 black v2 cams in stock. Getting 5% off saves about $2.60 on two, so I don’t blame you for wanting to buy them at Lowe’s. However, Amazon and Home Depot are the only authorized retailers for Wyze as far as I know ATM.

that’s not a bad deal… free shipping on 2 cameras. Do you know if the black cameras come with black usb cable? - imh it should… wouldn’t make sense for the camera to be black and the cable white lol

Yes, mine came with a black usb cable and power brick. The black cams are super nice and easy to hide. I’m tempted to buy more before they’re all gone.


They do look really nice… I have 3 cams and 2 of them are on the outside of my house under the eaves, but my eaves are white, so having a black camera there would stick out like a sore thumb during the day…

but I will probably purchase more of them and at least one of them will be black just to have one haha.

I have white ones outside too and I use the black ones inside. If you set the cam beside something black it is barely noticeable. :grinning:

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I have two cameras inside, a black one on top of a black bookcase and a white one on top of a white bookcase. Works perfectly.


Future retail partners are anyone’s guess, but at this point, Lowe’s is not one of them.

Yep, We are in the same boat. I would also go for Lowes against Home Depot as all you have to do is go to the site and click on one of the coupons, like $10 off $50, or 10 % off. It will generate a coupon bar code for you. You can then enter it on the lowes website in the promo code box. In addition, Lowes Special Order consists of so many types of products. If your coupon doesn’t work, keep generating news ones and try those.

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