Home Depot selling Wyze!


Wonder if price is uniform nationally.

v2 comes with Wyze 32G SD card: ~$39
Pan without: ~$37

Plenty in stock local to me (though not both models in the same store.)

If you have a micro center close to your location, they also have Wyze Cam for $25 and combo microsd card and cam for $29

It is a micro center brand microsd card, better price than Home Depot, $39.

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Found at Home Depot $34.98 w/ 32gb card.

Price dropped local to me since I last posted. Now matches your market sample.

v2 with Wyze 32G SD card: ~$35
Pan without: ~$37

Homer in Ohio:

That’s a long drive for me :frowning:

Me, too!

Kind of annoying. OH gets the bro deal on Wyze gear ($30 vs $35.) OH gets the bro deal on gas ($2.79 vs. $4.02.)

It’s enough to make you question the real benefit of bicoastality. :face_with_monocle:

Well if you makes you feel better I had to go to two different stores. The first display said 34.99. Second store said 29.99 but rand up as 34.99 and had to get it adjusted at the register. So only half of us may be getting the deal. Might be a market research test? But I did talk the cashier into getting one!

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Is there a 7 camera limit?

No I could have bought the whole display.

Heh, more power to ya, jvrthp. Looks like you’re working for it. :slight_smile:

Might be a market research test?

That’s my main interest in this.

For instance, Amazon is an “angler” - they dangle a low price and twitch the line (price vacillation) until enough “fish” swarm and bite, then withdraw the bait to teach the more circumspect fish (waited too long) to strike more quickly the next go-round.

Purely speculative. But the Wyze founders have Amazon roots, so if the bait fits :wink:

Yeah either way it’s good to see WYZE getting more exposure!


Here’s a little dope on Home Depot, FWIW. An associate tells me their physical stores and online store are “separate entities.” “Separate companies completely?” “Yes. We often can’t compete with their prices but will match them if requested.”

Bottom line: Search for items/prices online but don’t assume the online price will be the in-store price.

My experience yesterday:

  • item 1 - online ~$31 / in-store ~$37
  • item 2 - online ~$34 / in-store ~$49

From their perspective, I get it. There’s a cost for carrying inventory. Convenience/instant-availability/customer assistance commands a premium.

Second bottom line: If you don’t need it immediately, order online and pick it up in-store. Online price assured. Model respected.

This assumes that the online price always beats the in-store price - I don’t know if that’s true.

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I’ve spent thousands at HD. This may be getting to far off topic but:
If you order online check closely at pickup. They have often given me opened retaped packages, slightly damage goods (like a bent strut on a ladder, or a toilet repair kit with a valve missing).

They seem to have a policy for contractors that the contractor can buy more than he needs and return the rest. I’ve seen interior plywood returned that was soaked in the rain.

So I would not be surprised to see fingerprints on the lens buying from HD.

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A complicated retail environment. I liked it better when people made sustainable careers out of “appliance store clerk” and “nursery attendant.” Substantial wisdom lived in many of those folk.