Changing Bulb color/tone with Google Home app

Hey everyone!

Got my bulbs installed and working with Google Assistant and Google Home. But, I can’t seem to get the ‘color’ option in Google Home app to actually do anything. Using the Wyze app, I have no issue changing color tone. But, doesn’t seem to work from the Home app.

Any thoughts? Am I missing something? An OK button somewhere?


I just tried on mine to verify what you are saying, I can get mine to change from daylight to soft white but that is it, I can not change it to anything else. It does work fine in the Wyze app though.

Well, I’m glad you are able to adjust it at least one-way. I can’t seem to change it in either direction.

I don’t know that this is necessarily a Wyze issue, but, could be an integration issue with Google Home app. I’m unsure how they are integrated.

I am unsure how they did it also and whose issue it is. I would like to see full integration as well because I use Google rather than Alexa. Currently I can make it change using voice command to Google to change to soft white and it will, but from there it will go nowhere either by voice or the Google Home app

I guess this is learning the terms “warm white” “cool white” and “daylight”. My instinct was asking to turn them “yellow” or “white” which would be nice if they worked. Increments would be nice as well, ie. “less yellow” “less white” “warmer” or “cooler.”

So, if I were to make an educated guess, I’d say this is a GOOGLE HOME issue. Here’s why:

I have a Nest Hub and can access all the bulbs in my house. It, too, has a COLOR option which defines “Cool white”, “Daylight”, “Soft White”, etc… simple buttons on the display which you can press to change color. This works flawlessly. However, doesn’t seem to work on the Google Home.

GOOGLE! Fix your Home app!