How to tell Google Home to change to a softer white

I’ve been playing with the color bulbs that came yesterday. Impressed by the way all the colors come out. Cool!

As I started playing with telling Google Home to “make the Family Room lights (some color)”, it worked great,
Green, Blue, Red, Mauve, Brown, Maroon, Navy Blue, Fire Engine Red (no joke… Google even repeated the color back to me when confirming, and it was a very different colors from “Red”. Fun game to think of colors.)

However, I eventually wanted to bring it back to a regular light bulb color.

I tried “make the light white” and it did. Too bluish white for my taste. I looked around about how to ask Google to make it other-than-stark-white and found that these words are some that Google understands.

Snow - 6500 K

Ivory - 6100 K

Daylight / “White” - 5000 K

Cool white - 4000 K

Warm white / Soft white - 3000 K

Incandescent - 2700 K

Candlelight - 2000 K

…as in “Hey Google make the Family Room lights soft white” does the trick for me. :bulb:

Maybe there are more, but these give a nice range.

This list works with both Wyze Bulb and Wyze Bulb Color.


I wonder how it works with Alexa.

Iam still trying to get the bulbs to turn on via automation.
If you have any tips like that please let me know.