Bulbs linked with Google home

I have linked my bulbs with the Google home, however the hey will not let me change the color from cool blue to sunlight while using Google but works fine with Wyze app. Off, On and dimming while grouped works fine though.

Yes, the google home interface for changing colors doesn’t work for me either.

I can change to those colors with my voice (although not all of the named colors worked…can’t remember which ones didn’t work right now) by saying “Set lights to candlelight”

But the menu interface for changing colors in google home doesn’t work.

Well, I just noticed that changing colors in the Google Home app, by clicking on the color circles, does not work for me either (I could have sworn it was working earlier, but it doesn’t work now for sure). However, changing colors via voice, from my assistant speakers or assistant on phone, works perfectly (for all colors).

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I noticed the same thing, that using the Google Home application doesn’t work for changing the color. The voice assistant does work if you use daylight, soft white for the color name.

There was a time when other wifi bulbs I have (Merkury Geenie RGB bulbs) could not have color (white temperature or RGB) adjusted through the Google home app, but could only control power and brightness (voice control of colors did work). After some time, the app did start allowing all adjustments from within the app, so I’m hopeful this is still coming…

Sure would be nice if Wyze could do a free shipping for order over a set amount…

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@ballard.compcure they’ve said several times that their price point is so low and profit margin so thin that they couldn’t afford to give free shipping.

Ok, so like a Christmas or Black Friday run I guess. Not a regular thing. I was goin to buy 2 more 4 packs of bulbs and one of each camera’s but it was over $20 for just the shipping, that’s another camera I could have got …that’s all I was getting at.

I’ve tried all the colors listed in the Wyze app but can only get “white” and “soft white” to work has anyone else been able to get any other color temperature words to work with Google Assistant voice commands?
If so could you please list the actual words you used?
The phrase I am using is “change sitting room lights to white” (or soft white)

Words that did not work:
Warm white
Cool white

I have gotten ‘cool white’, ‘soft white’, and ‘daylight’ to all work using google assistant. Specifically I use the phrasing ‘set [room] lights to [color]’ and it just worked for me now.