Please allow control of Color Bulb Scenes from Google Assistant/Home

Please allowing changing scenes within google home so I can control what scene my lighting groups are displaying using voice commands to assistant.

I’m trying to set up a routine for a certain wyze bulb in the Google home app. I want my garage light to come on during a certain time frame and be set to a specific scene, rather than just turning on at the last temp and brightness used.
All of my scenes from my Hue Lights show up the Google home app, but the scenes I’ve created in the wyze app are not showing. I’ve had Google sync all devices and my bulbs show, but not the scenes. Is there a way to sync my wyze bulb scenes with my Google home? With my Hue Lights I can set a custom routine for certain lights to turn on and change to any scene I want.

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This also applies to amazon alexa


I’ll second this request. I would like to be able to control scenes with multiple colors in my lightstrip pros using assistants (mostly google/nest).

I can’t even share the group with my wife. I have four color bulbs in one fixture and I an share the individual bulbs with my wife but can’t share the group or preset scenes.

It’s hard to believe it was designed this way. I have no way to control the lights in this room using a voice assistant unless I do so for each individual bulb. I can control the room as a whole but that then also controls the Govee strip lights that are also in the room. Please make this easier to use.

A group of bulbs should be able to be operated and shared by other users or by any assistant as it’s own entity. Scenes should also be able to be shared and used with voice commands or automations.

I completely agree. Right now the state of Wyze integration with Google Home is sort of one foot on the boat and one foot on the dock. If I group bulbs and use scenes at the Wyze app level, I lose the ability to address the bulbs individually in Google Home, which is ridiculous. But I have to group them to create room scenes. Without scenes, I have to tell Google Home routines to change each bulb individually, which is also ridiculous. But then if I do group them and use scenes at the Wyze app level, there’s no way to activate the scenes from Google Home / Assistant on a schedule, even though Google Assistant routines provide far superior scheduling and triggering.

At the moment it’s like a “worst of both worlds” situation no matter how I set things up, and that reflects poorly on the Wyze app development team, particularly their assistant integration design. Get on or get off (preferably on!) because the way things currently are. you’re making your customers crazy with half-measures.

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