Alexa "Scenes" support

Expose “Shortcuts” (the “shortcut” rule type in the Wyze app) as a “Scene” in Alexa.

This is a generalized request of previous requests:

and forums.wyzecam[dot com]/t/wyze-virtual-switch/70935

As a user I would like to trigger a series of Wyze device related events from an Alexa request.
Currently this is possible only by managing all of these individual devices from the Alexa app as a “Routine”. Allowing a Shortcut Rule as a Scene in Alexa would enable me to keep more of my automation within the Wyze app with its more convenient UI and deeper device integration.

The feature requested is currently supported by Hue scenes, Logitech activities and SmartThings Routines.

Nicely requested. I voted for it just out of respect. :slight_smile:

Personally I like to do more stuff generically inside Alexa (and hopefully later Home Assistant) and less stuff specifically inside Wyze’s or anyone else’s app.

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Same here and I don’t even use Alexa. :+1:


It would be so great if shortcuts could be detected as scenes.

That way I could control when I receive notifications from my camera based on routines I setup in Alexa. For example I only want to received notifications from a cam when I run a goodnight routine in Alexa.

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