Ability to change Wyze Bulb color temperature using Amazon Alexa


It would be great to be able to ajust the color temperature using Amazon Alexa.
I would be happy with something like: “Alexa” set Wyze Bulb 1 to warm white (2700k), cool white (around 4600k) and daylight (6500k).
Custom preset would be great!


Please search the Wyze Bulb support pages before submitting any requests for bulb features. :slight_smile:


I contacted support and they suggested making a request in the wish list! :wink:
If you know of a way to achieve this, I would be more than happy to learn about it!

Look at the FAQ section of that page. I’m not sure why support asked you to do that.

Because it does not clearly state that color temperature adjustment is supported with Alexa.

Do you think you could help me move this to the wish list?


The bulbs haven’t even shipped yet, so your request is a little pre-mature.

I’ll go ahead and send this over to the Wishlist. Sorry we’ve been bouncing you around a bit! I’ll talk to the team. :slight_smile:

Thanks Gwendolyn!
No problem!

yep… I second this request. added my bulbs and my group to Alexa, but would be nice to control scenes to colors through Alexa.

I’ve been told that this should be able to work. Could you please give it a try and let me know how it goes?

How so exactly? Do I reference a scene that is programmed to the color temperature I want? What exactly do you say to Alexa to change color temperature?

“Alexa, set bulb name cool white”

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Thanks for fielding this, @prjct92eh2!

@backcountry, here’s the list of utterances: Alexa.ColorTemperatureController Interface | Alexa Skills Kit


Sure thing! As soon as I get them. They were delivered at a friends home in the US, which I will visit shortly.


Hooray! We hope you enjoy your visit. :slight_smile:

Works really well! Thank you so much!


Works fine for me, from day one. Don’t know if this is an old post or not

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@daniel.miller This post is tagged as “launched” which means it’s already been implemented. We leave the launched topics in #roadmap for historical purposes.

Here’s some info on the tags used in #wishlist and #roadmap:

How to Use the Wishlist.
How to Read the Roadmap

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