Wyze bulb set color temperature via numerical input in addition to slider

Right now, bulb temp can only be set by sliders. Would like the ability to adjust by inputting exact temp in order to match with other LED lighting in my home studio.

You already have the slider, you just need a field below it to expose the numerical value of the slider that can be edited with the number pad.

It could be worse.

The Tuya (Smart Life) app has a battery level for the PIR sensor with 65,535 levels and you have to swipe up or down about 5 levels at a time to change the notification level.


Instead of listing the colors as warm, white, & cool. The temperatures should show the kelvin temperature. At least make it an option for advanced users. As a lighting professional I feel that when we use warm, white and cool it’s makes the color deceiving when we can refer to an actual scale.


I’d like this too. I was lamenting that it didn’t have that when I first set it up. The slider already pushes a Kelvin number to the Wyze server in code, (I discovered this when it gave me an error at one point) so it would be the easiest thing in the world to set up.

I’d like more granular control for the brightness and color settings for Wyze bulbs. Right now it’s not easy to get to a specific color temperature or % brightness. The way it is now is too simple and not very accurate (at least for color).


For the Bulb Color, I can tell Alexa, “Kitchen (the bulb’s name), 85%” and Alexa complies. Brightness percentage can also be dialed in via the Android Wyze app (don’t know about other apps, though). I agree that granular control (eg, Red 0-255, Green 0-255, Blue 0-255) would be a very useful addition to the Bulb Color controls. The Color Wheel seems “jerky” and, at best, “hit-and-miss.”


I absolutely agree. The color pickers are fine, but it would be nice, also, to have a Kelvin numerical input. It would really help to match the bulbs with other non-smart bulbs, and also with each other.

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numerical value is needed to set same shades. lets say i want to change red to green on schedule. later, i want to change back to the same shade of green. maybe 16 presets that can be saved then selected later


Right now I’m trying to get two groupings of Wyze color bulbs in the same room to match each other, and it’s tough without being able to enter (or at least see) precise numbers!


This would be a very simple, useful and obvious feature to add. Adding my comment to keep this thread live.

I may be a bit OCD, but I find it frustrating looking at my lighting array and seeing slightly different temperatures all over.

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Also, when I have an Alexa routine to turn on the bulb at 5%, It turns on at full power, then adjusts down to 5%. It’s very jarring in the morning.

Yeah, that would be jarring in the morning. Just curious, when it turns on, is it going to its last settings before being turned off? I wonder what would happen if you turned it to 5% before turning it off.