Color Bulb set precise color & temperature

Currently, the Wyze color bulbs use a friendly but imprecise cursor on a color wheel to select a color. Similarly, they use an imprecise cursor to select color temperature.

I would like the option to set a specific color through hex codes, HSV, or RGB values so that I can, for example, color match my favorite college football team (Clemson Orange, #F56600 and Purple, #522D80). This would be an easy, optional text input that could be placed right below the color wheel within the app. I suspect very little additional logic would need to be written.

On a more practical note, I have standard LED bulbs ranging from 2700K, 3000K, to 5000K throughout my house. I’d like to specify the precise color temperature within the Wyze app for my new bulbs, in order to match what currently exists within the room.

I could guess one reason Wyze may hesitate to do this is that they may not guarantee the bulb is well calibrated to precise inputs. I get that, really, but I’d bet a precise text input would still be more accurate than my fat finger on a color wheel.

Great idea @Jgsherw!
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Color Bulb Wish

I would like to make sure the Color Bulbs are set to the same color when setting them up via Rules or by simply turning them on and setting the color. Being able to enter the Hex Code would help out as we can then match colors among multiple bulbs.

The other option is to display the Hex Value as you move around the color wheel so that when you set the color of another bulb you can find the same Hex Value.


Created an account just to say this. Hex codes or color temperatures would make it far easier to match bulbs.


I bought this bulb so I could set a specific white K value and you can’t. The app either needs to tell you what K value it is as you go around the white wheel or be able to enter a specific value like 5000K.


Just so you know, there are ways to do this. 1) if linked to Google home, ask google to set the light to 5000k. 2) lookup Wyze APIs on GitHub, such as: GitHub - shauntarves/wyze-sdk: A modern Python client for controlling Wyze devices. and use that to control lights.

So, the features “exist,” but Wyze developers have not made a front-end in the app to enable this sort of thing. It would take 1-2 days of development time, so I have no idea why they don’t add an option to do this through the app.


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Could please add RGB or Hex value inputs for those of us that are colorblind.


I am between Wyze and Tp-Link Kasa KL135 now just because they have the temperature in their app, otherwise I’d go with Wyze all the way.

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Adding a comment to keep this thread live.

This would be a very easy, useful and obvious feature to add. Hopefully we see it soon!


I’ve seen that my phone’s Alexa app complements–kind of–Bulb Color’s color choices. Alexa shows 15 available colors (Red, Crimson, Salmon, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Cyan, Sky blue, Blue, Purple, Magenta, Pink, and Lavender) and 5 available color temps (Warm white, Soft white, White, Daylight white, and Cool white). I’ve tried other color names, too (Kelvin temps–nope). I’ve found that some “random” color names work, some don’t; it’s pretty much “hit-and-miss.” (For example, try, “Alexa, make Ceiling Bulb color (or whatever you named your bulb) Tomato.” Or Indigo. Or even, Chartreuse.) That leads me to believe “16 million colors” may be more like…oh…~256? Also, because of the way we select colors on the “wheel” (that not-very-accurate “jerky” look), there may be a limited number of “zones” on the wheel (depending where we stop our finger). That may be another reason “16 million colors” may not be practical. Or…it could be as simple as, “Programming 16 million RGB/hex codes/whatever would be way too much data entry!!” (As a former data entry operator, I could definitely understand that:laughing:)

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Not sure if I should add to the existing Wishlist item, or create a new wishlist item, so, I’ll start here.

When Creating a rule to turn on a color light bulb to a specific color when my doorbell detects a person, I select a ‘random color’ as best as my finger can tap on:

I go back one screen, and get this:

all is well here, I have a red dot giving me a visual of the color

Then, back a screen, and I have 0xff0101 instead of the red ‘dot’ representing the actual color. (I agree that BOTH the color and the Hex number should be available together, not one, or the other.)

Moving on to where this gets to be a major issue:

I have four Wyze Color Bulbs in a Ceiling fan, that I’m using the the four bulbs to trigger on for 45 seconds when they detect a person. Each light represents a side of the house.

Those same four Wyze Color Bulbs trigger to Green when they detect a ‘Pet’ (wildlife).

With the challenge of matching colors from one rule to another, his needs to be easier than the “Sloppy” way it is currently implemented.



Created a forum account to specifically request this feature. Mismatching bulbs in my room drive me nuts. I don’t care about the accuracy of the hex codes to the true colors so long as I can set them and group them so one isn’t slightly off the other.


This is a big part of why I need this - please add this accessibility feature for those of us that are colorblind!

Novel rule! Fun!

Completely agree with you that the current method is sloppy… we’ve been asking for this improvement for a long time. I’d have thought it would be an easy fix.


Direct Kelvin values are a must… even with a field that pops up right in the middle of the wheel where the value setting already lives.

I get the desire for a unified interface amongst the various bulbs. However, the current wheel is very cumbersome & imprecise… particularly for non-color bulbs. At least the former sliders were less jumpy when removing fingertips since they could only travel a single directional plane.

Considering the screen size of most phones - relative to fingers - hobbits, toddlers, and others with tiny digits would likely find the current input method clumsy as well.


so if you have your bulbs to white in your living room…and you have a rule to turn to red if front yard camera spots a person…they turn to 50% red for 3 minutes…how do you get them to go back to the previous setting if your actually in the living room playing cards? i have them to turn off after 3 minutes but i want them to go back to the way they were…either off bc it’s at night or what they are/were bc i’m actually in the living room doing something…please advise.

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This is just a guess (I don’t have a Wyze Cam), but maybe you could include BLINK RED FOR 3 MINUTES in your Rule? So that when the blinking stops, the light should return to its original color, white. One problem–the “Trigger” (the time at which the light is turned on)–might be programmed by making the Rule active 24/7/365. In other words, program the Trigger where you could turn the light on at anytime between say, 12AM and 12PM, 7 days a week. (That way, any time you turn the white light on, the Rule would activate.) I hope that works…might be worth a try.

Here are the settings I tried on my own Bulb Color, but you’d obviously have to include your Wyze Cam in there somewhere…

Enable: On
Name (Optional):
Light Turns on (use the device name you gave to your Bulb Color)
Light Color Blink ff0000
Light Turn on for 3 minutes
Time: On
Only run the actions if the trigger occurs between
Start Time 12:00 AM
End Time 12:00 PM
S M T W T F S (select all the days)

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Just installed first two bulbs. Downloaded app, and was disappointed that a precise color could not be set. It seems like it would be an easy thing to add RGB and/or hex color codes. There are times when a finger wheel is fine, but if I’m trying to match a certain sports team, the lack of precision seems odd. I see now this has been an issue for others. Please add this to the app. Thanks!

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