Wyze Switch Rules with multiple devices and device group

Hi, I’m about to purchase a Switch, 6 Bulb colors, and a Light Strip and I was wondering if the following rule setup was possible:

I understand the Switch has multiple options for initiating an IFTT action, for example press once, twice, or press-and-hold.

What I would like to set up is a rule so when I press the Switch twice, 6 bulbs and a light strip all turn the same color (for example blue). On press-and-hold, it would then reset back to the default bulb and light strip colors. Ideal would be for the Light strip to actually turn on/off in this scenario because I won’t want the light behind the TV when not watching a movie.

Practical implementation: I’d like to create a “movie mode” in our den essentially. When turning on a movie, someone could use the Switch to turn the entire room blue which would include all 6 bulbs and the light strip I have behind the TV.

Keep in mind, I would use the single press on the Switch for simply turning on/off all lights in the den (without any color changing), much like a standard non-smart light switch.

I actually won’t always want the light behind the TV on, but assuming that’s something I might just have to deal with.

Thank you for any help you can offer before I commit! I have two Bulb colors now, but operate them entirely via the app. Love them and the Wyze product suite.

Let’s spitball some thoughts. :slight_smile:

Those are not IFTTT actions. Those are built into the switch. For instance, if you press it twice then the app allows you to set up ‘what Wyze smart devices do what’ when you do that double-tap.

You can do this. Sorta. Depends on how much a perfectionist you are, lol. You can absolutely set them all to Blue, but the way they have you do it is select Blue from a color wheel. So it ends up a Hex code. You might get lucky and select the same exact color code (you can not enter the code separately nor see the code as you use the wheel), but if you don’t select the exact same code, then you probably won’t perceive the difference.

There is no memory, but if you know what the original colors are, you can program like the above.

Okay. So let’s try this scenario: Everything is a smart device.

Maybe a Single-Tap could turn the 6 room lights on, white, and at a certain brightness (you only get on/off with single tap, but you can set the color and brightness beforehand). Another single-tap turns them off.

Double-tap might turn them blue, plus add in the Strip.

Triple-tap or Press and Hold might set them back to white, and at a certain brightness, then turn them off.

Not tested, but should work?


Thank you for your help and quick response! I think you nailed it with how you laid it out at the end there.

Curious - can I choose one of my color scenes when programming the rule for the bulbs instead of selecting from the color wheel? I understand what you mean. Also - where can I upvote a feature request for entering the hex code instead of selecting from the color wheel? To your point, that would be pretty awesome :grinning: so that I don’t have to hope I selected the same color in the wheel for each.

Can I control them via the switch in the manner you laid out, but using a bulb group and color scene for example? Or will I have to set all 6 bulbs blue color and temp separately in the rule?

Triple tap in this scenario you laid out would turn all the bulbs back to white (cozy) at a certain brightness exactly as you said, but it should also turn off the strip completely. Is this possible?

Thanks again!


No color scenes, but I notice they do allow you to select a GROUP of bulbs and set them all to a common color, so good catch. :slight_smile: Unfortunately that doesn’t include the strip in the same group, but progress nonetheless!

In theory. You can set the bulbs all back to back to white (cozy) and at a certain brightness, and turn it off – and you can do that to the light strip too. But since you don’t really want to do that to the light strip, you can just turn it off.

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i want double tap to keep the switch (bath fan) on for 5 mins
triple tap to keep bath fan on for 8 mins, etc etc.

Why they didn’t think about building in a timer is crazy to me. I mean, just walk down the isle in Home depot and see what switches actually do. Then automate them. Or don’t even think about what’s on the market and what people are buying switches for? Cmon now.

Or, a compressor, double tap to turn compressor on for just 1 min, then shut it off. that should be enough for truck/car/bike tires, basketballs, etc.

Or a basement, double tap when you know you’ll be leaving the basement. If the switch isn’t close by, hit the switch twice and you know you’ll have ‘n’ number of mins. awesome!

I think this is possible - I thought there was some sort of timer feature. @Newshound can you confirm?

I’ve seen several other forums with users utilizing the timer feature to delay turning things on for example.

Not possible as of today. 2/23/2022.

There is a timer under CONTROLS on the main page. You can set how long before it turns on or turns off the switch.

Or you can create a schedule in the settings. Or create a schedule in a rule.

Or you can create an automatic “Has been on for” trigger rule, that says if the Switch has been on for x minutes, then turn off the switch. You can use that for a bathroom fan, for instance.

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Awesome! Thanks! I didn’t see that before.