Can I explicitly set color temp on bulbs?

New Wyze user here. I’m enjoying my (free!) Wyze bulbs, but am wondering if I’m missing a way to control them more precisely.

I would like to be able to consistently set / reset color temperatures. I know that I can create Scenes that store the current setting, and that solves part of my problem, but I would also like to be able to “dial-in” a specific setting precisely without a Scene defined.

Instead of swiping a slider to a “close enough” setting, I would like to dial in exactly the specified setting. One way to do this would be to have some numeric feedback as the slider is adjusted, so I could hit the same number each time. Could be a color temperature (perfect, but maybe hard to get calibrated?), could be an arbitrary “0 to 100” or “0 to 1000” or “0 to 10000” scale. (Ideally, I’d be able to type in the number I wanted, instead of having to win the “Nudge the Slider Exactly” videogame.)

Is there maybe already a way to do this that I haven’t discovered, yet? Perhaps with a 3rd party control method?

I am just using the presets that end up exposed / translated into the Alexa application.