Saving Bulb Color

If I find a color I like can I somehow save the color formula to use with other bulbs without have to group them?

You can save a color. You can save it on the scenes tab for the bulb in use.

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Yes I see that but is there a way to save the color for that bulb but is there a way to see the color ‘formula’ to use with another bulb or share with someone?

The only way that I have seen is to create a rule and note the “color selection” number and then try like hell to duplicate it for the next bulb (if they are not all in the same group).

I love the Wyze Color Bulbs and Light Strips, but find they UI almost impossible to use. What is the point of being able to create “scenes” when setting up the bulbs, if you can’t use them when creating rules? @WyzeJasonJ care to take a stab at this?

I see the color selection formula you mentioned when creating a rule. This is what I would like to be able to use to program other bulbs.

Unfortunately, there is not a way of taking that value and plugging it in, that I have found. The best I could do was create a rule, set the color on the color wheel, save it and see if it is close to want I wanted.

It seems like the parts are all there, Wyze just needs to update the UI to allow us to put them together.

That’s what I found too. Hopefully those improvements will be made in the future.

Vote for this wishlist request and add your comment to the thread to let Wyze know you want it! I voted!

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