Wyze Bulb Kelvin Temperature Conflicts with Alexa App

The Wyze App displays the following four color temperature names for the Wyze Bulb: Soft White, White, Daylight, and Cool White. The Alexa App includes Warm White (2700K), making a total of five temperatures. So when I tell Alexa to change a bulb to Warm White, Alexa changes it to Soft White. If I manually change a Wyze bulb in the Alexa App to Warm White, the check mark stays on Warm White for about 4 seconds before jumping to Soft White. Do Wyze bulbs not actually provide 2700K temperatures? If not right now, will a future firmware update fix this?

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I was about to post about this also because I found the same exact problem

Conflicting information about the kelvin temperatures associated with the name descriptions. For example, “warm white” and “soft white” are both described as including 2700 kelvin. While that might be the case when dividing kelvin groups into, say, three or four levels, when Alexa divides the kelvin groups into five levels, it seems to me that the “warm white” group would be the group that includes 2700 kelvin, and not the “soft white” group. I’m hoping a firmware update will divide the Wyze bulbs into the same five kelvin groups as found in the Alexa app.