Wyze Bulb being used with Alexa

Hi All,

I replaced a ceiling fan in my daughter’s bedroom with a 2 bulb ceiling light and used (2) wyze bulbs in the light, There is no switch to the new light. I’ve connected Wyze to Alexa and when I enter the room I tell alexa to “Turn on the lights in (Daughter’s Name) Bedroom”. Alexa stumbles a little with the naming or something and won’t always turn the light on on the first shot. It really makes using the bulbs difficult in this situation. Of course if we’re carrying laundry into the room or something we don’t have free hands to use a phone to turn the lights on so the voice commands work well but they don’t seem to work smoothly. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to modify either the bulb names or the group to have the Alexa voice commands work more smoothly?


You could do it in a couple of ways. Do you have them grouped in the Wyze app or in Alexa? I ask because Alexa doesn’t really pay attention to the grouping you have in Wyze. It DOES pay attention to the NAME you called it in Wyze, but if you change it after the fact, the behavior can be spotty. Alexa might still refer to it by the old name, unless you update it in the Alexa app.

Bottom line – when it comes to the way Alexa interacts with your bulbs, you need to make sure Alexa is referring to it by the correct name. So check that the bulbs and room are named what you expect them to be in the Alexa app.

For me, I have an Echo Dot in two rooms. Living room and bedroom.

If I speak to the Echo Dot in the living room, I just say “Turn on the lights,” and my living room lights come on.

If I speak to the Echo Dot in the bedroom, I just say “Turn on the lights,” and my bedroom lights come on.

If I want to be more specific, I can turn on the bedroom lights while I’m in the living room by specifying the bedroom lights, but when I don’t specify, it assumes I want the lights in the room I’m in.

This is accomplished by putting your Echo Dot and your lights in the same room within the Alexa app. If you do that, you can probably avoid referring to (Daughter’s Name) altogether.

If you DO want/need to refer to the name, but Alexa has trouble with the pronunciation of your daughter’s name, the other thing you can do is make an Alexa routine and spell the name phonetically. So make a routine and tell Alexa that when you say “Turn on the lights in DAW-TER’S Bedroom,” to turn on your specified lights.


Thank you so much for the help. I had read this when you posted it and realized I never replied. I’m wondering if maybe because I have the light bulbs named similar to the Alexa Group name that it may be having a conflict. I’ll have to change it on my app and see what happens.

Interesting point about connecting the Echo Dot and lights by putting them in the same room within Alexa. I’ll have to do that. Alexa must have been doing that already on some level because when my daughter says “Turn my lights out” Alexa turned her lights out.

Thanks again for all the help. This is some great advice for all my devices.

The assignment works for the room the Echo device is assigned to. I find it increases the usability with family. That makes my WAF value increase.

Ok… you got me on this one… WAF?
Wyze AF?
Wasted AF?

I find that the less words you use the more Alexa will understand.
For example , turn on the lights in the living room, that’s 5 words you don’t need, you simply say Alexa living room on

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