Bulb Group and Alexa

I have 3 Wyze bulbs in a single fixture in my kitchen. I am able to group all three so that I can simultaneously turn all 3 bulbs on or off by tapping the group switch on the app. But when I ask Alexa to turn on/off the group name, it doesn’t recognize the name. I have tried renaming each bulb the same as each other and different from each other, renaming the group, and a host of other things including not using the group function and naming all three bulbs “Kitchen” but then, Alexa only turns on one of the 3 bulbs when asked. Any thoughts? TIA

Do you have them grouped in you Alexa app?


Yep You must do what @Whodat said. They have to be grouped in Alexa too.

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Thank you both so much! I knew there had to be a way.

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There should be a solved for @Whodat. @Loki

I’m new here. First time asking for help. I didn’t realize there was a “solved” function until now. Thanks!

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But you should’ve given it to @Whodat. He answered your first

My 2 cents… While grouping them in Alexa works,

Why doesn’t Alexa pick up a group that’s been created in the wyze app?

Alexa picks up groupings of light bulbs in Philips hue and you can use that group name to control the bulbs in Alexa without creating a group in Alexa.

Wyze should do the same thing.