Alexa not recognizing grouping of Bulbs V2

I have tried searching for an answer unsuccessfully hence I am posting a question. I have a Kitchen bar with 4 hanging lights. I put a V2 Bulb (white) in each hanging light, named each Bar 1, Bar 2, Bar 3, Bar 4 and then put all 4 into a group called Kitchen. Alexa will turn on one light by name using the name (Bar 1 or Bar 2) HOWEVER Alexa cannot handle turn on or off the ‘Kitchen’ group all at once. She says ‘Kitchen can’t do that’. WHY? Do I need to do something special to get Alexa to recognize the group of lights named Kitchen? Do I need to somehow link the lights a different way? All 4 are in the Kitchen group. It stinks having to turn on 4 lights individually by voice command. Why can’t Alexa recognize the ‘Kitchen’ group?
Help Please!
Note - I know I can have Alexa turn on all the lights in my house but I don’t want my whole house to go on at once…I just want the ‘kitchen group’ to go on. That’s the issue.

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One way would be to setup a routine that activates all the lights when you say “Alexa, turn on kitchen.” Also, do you have grouping in the Alexa app called “Kitchen?”


WIldBill - thank you so much! I had set up a group in Wyze called Kitchen (with the 4 lights) but did not realize I needed to do that in Alexa too. I thought it would carry over to Alexa. I set it up in Alexa and it’s working great. THANK YOU!!! Just another crazy Friday.


Glad I could help.

I have had my wyze bulbs for about 3 years now and BARELY this year (nearing the end of 2023), this very DAY (1:12am on 11/25/23), have I been able to control my wyze bulbs via Alexa app, voice, devices, etc.

All thanks to this post!! Because you had the same issue that I had just a but ago, relying on google once again to help me out, and Wild Bill providing such helpful information… I can finally enjoy the experience of controlling my lights using voice operated devices, such as Alexa, once and for all!!
I have finally joined the club! Thank you!!!