Alexa and color bulb groups

I have 4 Wyze color bulbs and have them setup in the following way listed below. When I tell Alexa to turn off the group name, it only turns off one bulb in the group. Can Wyze not perform commands based on groups and not the individual bulbs?

4 bulbs total

  • 2 screwed into one ceiling outlet in my office
  • 2 screwed into one ceiling office in a other room

Can Alexa not control two bulbs plugged into the same power source or what configuration setting am I missing?

Are they grouped in Alexa also? Or just in the Wyze app? I have multiple groups of bulbs in the Wyze app, but also grouped in Alexa. Alexa doesn’t recognize your groups that are set up in the Wyze app.

With what I have set up above I can say “alexa, turn on living room lights” and both the bulbs in that group will turn on. You can also set up a Alexa routine where after a specific term is said certain things happen, like a Wyze rule.


That is exactly what I was looking for! I was so focused on the Wyze app that I didn’t play around in the Alexa app. I just added the groups and tested and it works like a charm.

Thanks again.

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