Control Multiple Bulbs w/ Alexa

Can anyone give me some help on how to have Alexa control all of my bulbs with one phrase (other than turning them all on or off)? For instance, having Alexa turn all lights blue or green or white, etc…

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Go into the Alexa app, then devices…

On the top right click the + button and add a group.

Put all the color bulbs in the group you want to be in the group and name the group of your liking.

Once that is done you should be able to voice control the color and on and off.

Alexa, turn the “bulb group name” to red. For instance.

I do this with a number of bulbs, where alexa understands common colors. Red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, etc.


To add, brightness also. “Alexa turn living room lights to 40%”. We use that one all the time at home.


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I will also add…
If you put the bulbs in a “room” group along with an Alexa device(like Echo), you can ask that device to “make the lights (color)” or “turn on the lights” without having to say the group name.


I feel like this is getting me on the right path, but I am still having trouble getting the lights to turn colors all together. I can get them to turn on and off but not changing colors together… The lights are already in a group for my daughters called “Her Room”… does this matter?

Are these groups in the Wyze or alexa app? I am gu swing alexa. Do you have a device like a dot or a show? I have multiple of those around the house. I just say “alexa, turn living room lights to blue” and my “living room” light group in Alexa will turn blue.

I had an issue similar… Not sure if the same resolution will work for you but;

If all things are setup properly. One of the bulbs would go offline from time to time.

If the lights have a switch turn it off for a few seconds 10-15 and try again.

I have both, but I am using the Alexa app for control. In my daughters room, we have an echo dot and they are part of her room group. The lights are also in there and we can control on and off, but color change control won’t work for all bulbs together. Whenever I request that Alexa change the light color, she says that there are a few devices with that name and they wants me to specify the individual light…

Are the lights named the same as the group? You have to name the lights differently then the name of the group.


I was just thinking the same thing. All my bulbs are labeled bulb 1, bulb 2, bulb 3 etc but they are in a group of living room, bedroom 2 etc

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