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I recently moved & renamed a bulb from one room to another. Then added it to my “family room” group of lights. But it does not turn on or off when using Alexa command. I deleted group and same problem. It will respond to its specific name…”table lamp”. Suggestions to get it to respond from the group name command?

When you said you added it to “the group” I assume you were referring to the group inside the Alexa app? And that the Wyze skill for Alexa has been added and connected?

In the image below I have an Alexa group called Spare Room and the Desk Lamp is a Wyze bulb. The rest of the bulbs are Phillips Hue. When I say: “Alexa, turn on the Spare Room lights” all the lights including Desk Lamp turn on (or off).

I’ve had issues when I renamed Alexa devices in the past. A “ghost” record of the previous name stuck around and screwed up operations and grouping. In one or two cases I had to dig in the Alexa app and delete several device entries.

Either that or wait a bit and see if Amazon servers eventually straighten it out. Alexa is a fickle beast.

I would also try removing them completely from the Wyze app and installing as new with the new name.

No I added it to the Wyze app group…which had been 3 lights that responded to the family room Alexa command. I’ll check the Alexa settings,…

And thanks. That solved the problem!

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Glad to hear you were able to resolve it! :slightly_smiling_face: