IFTTT and Group of Wyze Bulbs

I see that Wyze has an action in IFTTT to turn on or off a single bulb, but we need to be able to turn on or off a group of bulbs. I have groups of bulbs created in my Wyze app, 4 bulbs in the kitchen, 4 in the dining room, and 4 in the living room. Wyze currently only lets a single bulb be selected to turn on or off. This makes IFTTT useless since I doubt most people only want a single bulb of 4 in a room to turn on or off. Anyone know how to select more than one bulb in the IFTTT action?

I have a fixture with 3 bulbs and I believe the only way is to build 3 seperate applets, 1 for each bulb, if I am not mistaken this is a drawback in IFTTT not in the WYZE part, but on that I could be wrong

I don’t know about Alexa, but in Google Assistant I assign them to a “room”, then I can turn off and on an entire “room” using an IFTTT applet, or just asking GA.

Yes, Alexa app can add group. In Alexa app on iPad, Click plus sign, select add group, add/select name, click next, select devices to be added, tap save. You can modify/edit by tapping on group.

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This would be solved by the following #wishlist topic:

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I can’t even see the IFTTT option to switch on/off a Wyze Bulb.

I search for Wyze and see all the other options and also Philips bulbs but not Wyze’s own…

can you please provide a URL to the IFTTT page to switch on/off a Wyze bulb.



my bad, I was looking in the “If” section and not the “then” section…

Am wanting to setup Siri to use shortcuts to turn/set lights to certain brightness and kelvin.

i.e. “hey Siri, enable movie mode” and it would change the bulbs to a nice background setting etc etc.

I think I have to use a web hook from memory.


Where is the IFTTT action? I do not find it in the IFTTT list of Wyze actions.