Turning individual lights on/off within a group

I am wanting to be able to turn on/off individual bulbs within a group.

Example: My “Master Bedroom” group has three bulbs. I have all of them come on at a certain time. When I go to bed, my wife likes to stay up a little later. I would like to turn off two of the bulbs and leave hers on. Any chance this is possible or do I have to operate the group as one unit at all times?

Thanks so much for your help!

You can turn the group on/off from the home page of the app. You can turn individual bulbs in the group on/off by touching the group entry on the home page. At the bottom of the screen will be controls for the individual bulbs:

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For some reason that area only shows me the status of the bulbs. When I press on a bulb it brings up the screen you referenced, but as soon as I touch it to manipulate them, it closes that area. Interesting. I am hoping someone can enlighten me as to why my app works differently. The search continues…

Can you upload a snapshot? What is the version of your app, and the version of the bulb firmware?


Both Lee Anne’s Lamp and Dresser Lamp have individual controls shown here (both are on; you can turn 1 or both off).

Yes, but when I tap the individual controls, the menu collapses.

That’s odd all right. What app are you on? (Account tab > About, look under Wyze logo).

I know! It’s infuriating! I’m using app v2.14.23

I think we are outside my experience here. The app version looks good. All I can do (unless someone else chimes in) is to refer you to Wyze Tech Support at +1 (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT, & Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT (-3 hours from ET).

Sorry! This should be possible though, I tested it on my bulb group before I posted.

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No worries! I really appreciate your help! I will make the call tomorrow morning. Thanks again!

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Well, I spoke to a wonderful customer service rep last night and we tried a number of things before she decided to send it up the chain to have someone else look into it. She said she would email when a solution was found. I woke up this morning and noticed there was an update available for the app. I updated the app and guess what? Everything works like it is supposed to. Great job Wyze!

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