Wyze bulbs support for being in multiple groups and over all controls

Would love to have the ability to have bulbs be able to be in/member of multiple groups.

So a single bulb could be in an “upstairs” group… In addition to a “bedroom” group.

It would also be nice to have a control or group of all bulbs being able to change settings across all of them at once.

Welcome to the community, @Pablosbrain. Although, you can already control color and brightness of bulbs in a group, as well as timers and vactaion mode. :slight_smile:

Yes, multiple groups needs to be a thing for wyze bulbs

I second/third this. I have an overhead light (with 2 bulbs) and a lamp (1). It would be nice to turn both on at same time or separately. Maybe I can do this with Google, haven’t tried, yet, but nesting groups should be a part of the native app.
I should be able to join the two bulbs in my overhead group with the single bulb in my lamp, and still have a separate option for both.

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I just started my setup and am kinda floored that your software has limited grouping capabilities for lighting zones. I tried setting up a dual zone in my kitchen and also a whole house ’ party ’ group zone but these bulbs are remaining stubbornly unavailable to more groups than 1. This would seem like an obvious design flaw in your app.
Any plans on fixing this issue? Or is there a full feature version I am not aware of? I like your product but im not sure I’ll be happy using it with such a limited setup.

Still would really love to have this…
Upstairs/downstairs or inside/outside would be good. And access to all the groups through ifttt and Google assistant and Amazon echo would be great.
I’d love to have my ifttt routines shut off all the indoor lights and leave the porch and garage lights on.

Any update on this as this is the feature I miss most after leaving Hue. I would use this functionality in so many situations.


I’m glad I can group my Wyze Bulbs into custom groups to control multiple bulbs at once.

What I’d like to see is the ability to group multiple bulbs, multiple times in different groups.

Have you guys considered this?

Thank you


Is there any update on this question? I have bulbs in a track light, that should definitely be together, but I’d also like to schedule the brightness and temperature of all my bulbs together at different times of the day. I tried this a bunch of ways, and couldn’t get it to work:

  1. Creating an All Lights group, but it wouldn’t let me assign any lights already in a group.
  2. Assigning multiple groups to a scheduled rule. But it would only allow one group at a time.
  3. Create a shortcut with actions on multiple groups, but I couldn’t set that shortcut to a schedule.
  4. Creating a device trigger daisy chain for light temperature, but brightness or temp aren’t included in device triggers.

I’m all out of ideas. Has anyone figured out how to do this or is there are target delivery date for this feature?


Do you have Alexa? I haven’t dived into routines in alexa all that much but am able to add a device to multiple groups. You might be able to do what you want with Alexa routines/groups.

The label of this wishlist item is “maybe-later”, which means its on the back burner for now. If it moves forward then the label will be changed to “researching” or beyond. I did find a similar wishlist item for having cameras being in multiple groups, that is also labeled “maybe-later”. at the bottom of either thread you can change your notification settings on this thread to “watching” so that you can be notified if there are any replies, and more importantly be notified if the label changes.

New to Wyze, just installed a bunch of these bulbs in my house today, but this seems to be the one major flaw I’ve found. I’ve got three bulbs in a fan I’d like to be able to control with the other lights in my living room sometime, and separately at other times. Same with the lights in my bedroom, which I’d like to group with each other but also separately group with the lights in my bathroom

Welcome to the forums! You can create shortcut rules and just list the various bulbs or groups and the actions you want to manually control with that shortcut. That way you can control multiple groups/ bulbs at once.

Can you please elaborate on these rules. The limitations are real.

Rooms are grouped together sure, but then can I group 'All Lights" into another?

Would appreciate any thoughts.

I have some suggestions for improving the Wyze lightbulbs to make them more functional. As of now, each bulb is listed individually and it is a hassle to control them all. Yes, I can create rules and group lights, but to change lighting (bright to reading, red to green, etc), I have to create a rule for every color transition I would want. I’d also have to create an on and off rule for every lighting zone. My stairs have two lights, entry way three, dining room three, bedroom two, and so on. I would love to see something like the following:

  • Create zones/rooms so multiple lights can be grouped together and turned on/off simultaneously, and changes to lighting are applied to all lights in a zone

  • Place lighting zones on the home page instead of individual lights

  • Controlling a specific bulb is done within the zone

  • Bulbs can be listed in multiple zones. This way we can have for example a downstairs zone which includes dining room, living room, etc., but also separate these rooms.

Please vote yes! Thank you.

I believe the first 3 bullets can be achieved by creating Device Groups labeled as you wish. The fourth bullet cannot be done currently.

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