Wyze Bulb Grouping - Google Home Only Controls 3 of 4 lights

I have 4 bulbs grouped for my two hallway light fixtures (2 bulbs each) but Google Home only adjusts 3 of the lights with a voice command. Is there a limit to the number of bulbs Google Home can control in one group?

If I were you I would post this in Ask the community Not here

Ok thanks. Wasn’t certain the protocol since it’s still in the early access release. New to posting in forum.


Everyone knows about the bulbs so it’s no big deal.
The thing is if you post in ask the community you will likely get a lot more People Seeing your post and more answers quicker.
I don’t use Google Home

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As far as I know there is not a limit, I have a fixture with 4 bulbs and I can have it adjust them all

Solved. Removed device from Wyze app and then did setup process again. Removing bulb from the group then re-adding to group did not solve it. The group in Wyze app controlled all 4 bulbs simultaneously, but Google home only controlled 3.