Add Wyze Bulb features

It would be nice if you could put a Wyze Bulb into more than one group. Also in IFTT if the Wyze Bulb had more options. Currently you only select each individual Bulb or all of them not groups.


I am still hoping that if we can get FITT to when certain sensors triggers that it will trigger an Alexa routine or a Google home routine.

This will allow us to play messages when a sensor is triggered.

Don’t go in there
Welcome home
You are getting yourself in trouble
Have it trigger music
Or just an alarm sound

Thank you for your consideration and help!

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Yes, I would love to be able to trigger my Google Home speakers. Imagine being able to play door chime bells, or loud alarm sounds (like you mention above). I have Insignia voice speakers and they can get super loud… if only I could trigger them through Wyze or IFTTT.

Some of your suggestions are already in #wishlist and can be voted on. A search there (or in #roadmap to see things currently in development/testing) may find what you’re looking for. Example below: