Allow Wyze Bulbs and Wyze color bulbs to be added to the same group

I would like to be able to add color and non color bulbs to the same group.

Here’s two reasons why:

  1. better organization on Home Screen. I have mixed bulbs in a room and now they’re in different groups
  2. make them part of the color scenes presets. Really digging the new scenes (need more and a community marketplace but nuance). It would be nice for my non color bulbs to be part of the action and provide some base tones for the scenes.

I’m sure there’s some other practicals as well! Vote for my wishlist item please

Welcome and great idea @daniel.puente!
Don’t forget to vote for your own #wishlist item!

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I would like to see this or something like it as well.

Preferably I’d like to have rooms and then under the rooms maybe subgroups.

Dining Room

  1. Cameras
  2. Bulbs
  3. Plugs
  4. Motion sensors

Right now I have in my Wyze app way too many groups to scroll through, all in an effort to give it some sort of breakdown and organization without getting too crazy. I have upstairs cameras, downstairs cameras, outdoor cameras, upstairs plugs, downstairs plugs, upstairs motions sensors, downstairs motion sensors, upstairs contact sensors… you get the point! It’s crazy.

Being able to do custom groups (so you can have rooms, or also make a group name like “FITNESS” for the band/watch and scale), and then be able to group things within that when and where you have multiple items would make it much cleaner, easier to find and navigate, and really help with things, espeically as their product line rapidly increases.


I just got 6 Color bulbs and this is exactly what I was trying to do! I have plugs and bulbs that I want on the same group. Please add this feature soon. I love the color bulbs so far.

The other thing I immediately wanted to do was have the ability to flash the lights different colors for different reasons. So having the ability to set up a rule where multiple parameters can be set in one rule. i.e. the color and the brightness, and the time at each brightness and for how long the rule lasts for. Basically a way to program a “come out of your room and get eat dinner” flash, or a “red alert” flash, or a “someone is at the door” signal for noisy environments.

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Totally agree with this, even though I replaced all my wyze bulbs with the color bulbs. Even without color, the color bulbs are so much better than the original wyze bulbs. Not only do they get significantly brighter, but the quality of the light they put out is way better than any standard led bulb I’ve owned.

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