Bulbs in multiple groups / Moving scenes

I’m a recent convert to the Wyze color bulbs and so far I am loving them. We converted from similar bulbs made by Feit and while I wasn’t a big fan of the bulbs the Feit app had some useful features I do miss.

Being able to put bulbs in multiple groups is very handy and would be nice to have. For example I had a whole house group so I could turn everything off, then each room had it’s own group for total room control.

There was also an option to create moving scenes that would sync between bulbs in the groups. Like slow fades and pseudo strobe effects which were very handy (My daughters loved making “dance” lighting) and I’d love to see that feature come to Wyze as well.

All in all I love the Wyze bulbs but these 2 things would take them to the next level.