Google assistant will not change more than 4 bulbs colors at a time

I am setting up my Google home for the first time and when asking it to change the color of the lights I am having trouble. If I say “change the lights in the dining room to daylight,” only 4 out 9 will change, and it’s always the same 4. Same with every other room. I can turn them on and off fine as well as brightness. Only the color is being weird.

Just an update to this, it does not matter how many rooms or lights I try and change the color of, it maxes out at 4. As far as I know, this is a google issue. I tried with the Alexa app and it functioned fine. The Wyze app is also working fine. I have opened a ticket with Google, but they are stumped. based off of 2 days of searching I cannot find ANYONE else with this issue

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Probably a bug. Might be a Longshot but try setting up multiple groups with 4 bulbs max in each group all with the same group name

You mean like have 2 dining rooms? So “hey google, change the color the lights in the dining room” will change 4 lights in each dining room ( but really its all 8 lights in the one-room?) That would be really frustrating to set up but if it works I cannot see another solution. In my case, I would need to have 3 Dining rooms, 2 kitchens, and 2 living rooms.