Color Bulb - Mini Review

Here’s the TLDR:

PRO: Very bright and colorful bulbs for the price point. Will gladly buy more for my color bulb needs.

The bulbs are very bright. Rated 1100 Lumens. The colors are not as ‘rich’ as the LIFX ($65) bulb but they are more than acceptable for the $10 price per bulb. Its very hard to find bright color changing bulbs that aren’t expensive. Wyze has easily accomplished that.

It does everything a color changing bulb does. It integrated with Google Home easily so voice can manipulate it and I was able to put everything into routines for voice commands. No issues. Works great.

It has “Scenes” so you can save any presets of color configurations. Vacation mode. Bedtime/wake mode. No other fanciness like the LIFX bulbs where they color cycle or pulse to the music. I’m a big fan of the color cycle mode on my LIFX bulbs. Disappointed they couldn’t do that but maybe that’s why the others cost more??

Lastly… and unfortunately… YOU CAN NOT MAKE THE BULBS CHANGE COLOR WITH RULES, TRIGGERS, OR SCHEDULES!!! Why the heck not???

Oh, you say, you want a light to turn blue if someone opens your garage??? Nope. Will that new Wyze Watch I ordered make my new color bulbs turn blue? Nope. It’s not a deal breaker but I thought it would just be a default feature? I’m confused why it’s not there at launch?

At the end of the day, the bulbs are beautiful and bright. I just wanted more control with the rules and whatnot. I use rules, schedules, and triggers extensively (I have the doorbell, outside cameras, inside cameras, motion, thermostat, etc…).

Buy them if you want a bright color bulb. They are worth it.



I like the write up. Mine is on the way, waiting to get them. Disappointing about the rules integration. I was planning on having them change color if the Garage Door opens, as you mentioned. Hopefully a FW or App update will take care of this.

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I use alexa for this now. Doorbell rings, bedroom lights turn blue to wake me up.


perfect. :slight_smile:

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