WYZE Bulb Color Scene with Automation event

Hi Everyone,

I have 3 bulbs in a group called ‘Porch’ and made some scenes for the seasons.

Next I created two automations events to turn them on in the early evening and then off later at night. I don’t see an option to not only turn on the bulbs but enable one of my pre-made ‘Scenes’. Rather they all come on with a basic white light/temperature.

Has anyone done this and I’m missing something? Or, if not, it would be great to see this in an upcoming release of the software.

Thanks so much

Scenes not currently supported in Rules. Neither for the original white bulbs nor the new Bulb Colors.
There’s actually no support for RGB color setting in Wyze Rules at all at the moment (only white color temperature along the Warm White to Cool White range).

According to the website (Bulb Color → Overview → Scroll to “Brilliant Notifications” section) this should be coming in a Spring 2021 release, but no mention of if it will include Scenes or not.

You can trigger Color Bulbs in RGB using Alexa (untested by me but verified by others here) and Google Assistant/Home (I am doing this for some scheduled Routines until Wyze updates rules to actually support the features of the new bulbs).


I am testing this now. I have some routines that activate the Wyze bulbs in various colors and intensity when some of my Wyze contact sensors on my doors are activated. You can choose the color and brightness level in the routine.

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I can verify this too, I use Alexa for automation of color & temperature on the color bulbs both with triggers and schedules. Works really well.

I haven’t tried routines with Google for this (alexa is so much more friendly with this stuff), but I use Google for manual changes most of the time, and it works really well. Like, I will tell Google to turn the lights to “daylight” or various other scenes, and it works really well.

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Thanks for the pointer toward the Alexa automation. I was able to setup what I needed there for Sunset with the colors on each bulb. Not a scene so as seasons change and we want new colors we will have to touch each bulb individually but that isn’t a big deal.

Will keep an eye out for new functionality but for now I’m all set.

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I just found this post by Wyze about what they are working on with the Color Bulbs.


How did you accomplish this? Currently researching this issue as I sold my entire collection of Hue bulbs, replaced them with a few hundred dollars worth of Wyze Bulb Color(s?) and discovered that despite having excellent color and brightness, they are so lacking in features that I basically can’t use them as smart bulbs. Currently they’re just set to white and I operate them with the wall switch. Kind of like a 75¢ commodity bulb. I’m not thrilled.

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Hope that individual bulbs could be removed from a particular group when it comes to off at night. I have a group created so I can adjust the colors all together but because the group always controls all bulbs, I can’t automate 2 of the 3 shut off and keep one turned on when using the app.

Actually, I do that. Even though the bulbs are in a group, when you setup the routine, it allows you to pick individual bulbs or the group. So you set one routine to control all bulbs, then another to control whichever bulbs you want. Yes it will require you to create additional rules, but it would work just the same.

Unless, I misunderstood.

I would like to request a feature where Rules can set a light group to a custom scene by name. This way, I can create multi-light effects that take effect at different times, most importantly, to shut all but one strip off at night.

Is there an upvote process for feature requests?

This use case is increasingly relevant as I keep purchasing boxes of new wyze lighting.


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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @grbegg! :raising_hand_man:

That is a great suggestion. This would be an Action that would need to be added to the Rules setup for any lighting products that support Scenes.

There is a topic on the Wishlist already that requests more actions to be added for rules.

Follow the link below, click VOTE at the top, read thru the ideas posted and upvote specific Action features by liking posts, then add your idea as a reply post at the bottom.

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