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Hello everyone,

I noticed the new wyze lightbulb color does not fade out the light when telling alexa to turn off.

The normal wyze lightblub will do so automatically when telling alexa to turn it off so it feels a bit weird that it shuts off really quick as I’m so use to the fade out slowly.

Would appreciate this feature to be included and updated on the wyze app.


Color Bulb Effects, Color selection for bulbs with fade effect and strobe effect.

Does anyone know how to trigger scenes set up in the Wyze app with Google Assistant?

I’ve got a group of four bulbs in my living room that I’ve created several scenes for, but the only way I’ve found to use them is by manually selecting a scene in the Wyze app. Would really love to be able to just use voice commands, or to set up routines to activate certain scenes at a time of day or for movie time, etc.


Can you please add some scenes to color Bulb control that will change colors slowly around the color wheel. Selectable speed would be great. Thanks

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Hi there!

I was wondering if there is anyway, the devs can update the app to include a party mode for the color bulbs. This will allow it to sync with other bulbs or independently switch colors from time to time (duration can be adjustable) for party gatherings? This will just add a great feature to these amazing bulbs. Thanks!


Thanks for the feedback! Just wanted to confirm that we are working on the following features. I’ve listed them in the order of anticipated release:

  1. Adding a ‘set color’ option to Rules
  2. Adding timer function
  3. Adding more default scenes
  4. Adding swatches
  5. Adding a feature that will adjust color temperature through the day to match the sun

Party mode!
Everyone’s seen those LED light strips and how they’ve got different modes, so why not on Wyze Bulb Color?
The idea is that there can be different modes such as pulse, color rotation, or just other fun modes.
These could be customized in the app.
While Wyze bulb color has Color Temperature Scenes, these are static colors and it would be fun to see more customization for this feature!


Can we still expect #1 during Spring 2021 as shown on the Overview page for the Bulb Color on the Wyze website?

I also noticed that in the FAQ under details it still says:

Can I control Wyze Bulb Color during an internet outage?
Wyze Bulb Color has both WiFi and Bluetooth so if your internet goes out, you can still locally control your lights via the Wyze app.

Can you confirm that this is not true with the current firmware and application? The only feature I actually see using Bluetooth is the initial setup, but there is no way (documented or that I could find) to actually control these bulbs locally without a Wifi/Internet connection.


One rule I would really love to see which should be easy to make based on existing features for the bulbs would be:

“Return to previous state” action.


Similar to the “Power Loss Recovery” setting…it would be great to have a rule where we could tell the bulb at the end to return to the previous state it was in before the rule started.

For example: I am working in my office, using my desk lamp (with a Wyze color bulb). Someone walks onto my property. When my front cam recognizes a person, I have my desk lamp flash a red light for 5-10 seconds then turn off. Then it is a non-audible alert while I work.

In the above case, I was trying to use the desk lamp, and now the rule shut off the lamp, so I have manually fix that. However if I change the rule to just set the lamp back to white and leave it on, then it will leave the light on when I am not even in the room. Either way is bad here.

But instead of having to set it to turn off, it would be great to be able to tell the rule at the end to simply change the light back to the state it was in before the rule started. then if I was using my lamp (or main office light, or whatever light the rule is for) it doesn’t cause issues, it just goes back to the previous state (including color/brightness, etc).

I’m just saying, consider it, it would make for an AWESOME RULE to allow for some interesting options.


Correct… we are on track to release in spring! It’s part of a larger migration of our rules platform so we’ll begin rolling it out to users starting end of May. And thanks for calling out the FAQ… I’ve requested to update the wording since it’s a bit misleading. You actually can control the bulb while your internet is out as long as your phone and bulb are on the same network… it doesn’t matter if that network isn’t connected to the internet. However the answer makes it sound like it’s being done via Bluetooth which is incorrect. We’ll get it fixed!


I love when you guys thow out these exciting little nuggets! And these clarifications:

This is exactly the primary reason I check through the forums and wish I could get notifications anytime a Wyze Employee makes a comment somewhere so I can make sure to read it. Thanks for the info.


Glad to help!

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While I’m here I’d also love to hear which additional actions you’d all find most useful (beyond adding the ability to set colors). I’ve heard folks say they want to have their bulbs flash a color, but what else would you find useful?


I’ve always thought that the “rainbow timer” that’s available on some Amazon echo products is a really neat idea. You say something like “set a rainbow timer for 10 minutes” and the light automatically goes into a sequence where the light starts green and progresses through colors until it gets to red after 10 minutes are up.

This would be such a great feature to have with young kids in the house. I could also see people using it for cooking, laundry, or practically anything you would use a normal timer for, but adding a visual element to it.

Could be something you could add in the Wyze app. It could be set to start at a certain time, or as a shortcut with a preset timer. Personally, I’d love the ability to activate something like that through Google assistant.


“Opposite State”

That would be a nice rule for lighting automations. For example, I have lots of Wyze Bulbs throughout my entire house and I use Contact Switches as light switches, and it mostly works amazingly for awesome home automation while still allowing traditional light switches. When I flip the magnet up, it turns on the light, down and it turns off the light. Simple, and awesome.

Here’s the problem, in a big room or long hallway where you put multiple switches at each end, it confuses people, because sometimes when they switch it, it doesn’t react like they expect. Normal hallways with multiple switches, it doesn’t matter if you flip up or flip down, it always changes the light to the opposite state. If the light is on, and flip it up, it turns the light off. But we have to program the switches to only turn on when “open”/up and off when “closed”/down…so in a hallway if the light is off and the switch is already in the up/on position, the visitor, etc flips the switch and the light stays off and they are confused and say they don’t understand or it’s broken or something, and half of the people turn on their phone flashlight instead (I know, it’s ridiculous).

The point is, if you allow an “Opposite State” rule, we can set up a ton of our our own automations where no matter whether the switch opens or closes, it simply changes the light to its opposite state (on or off) and everything works perfectly the same way everyone already expects them to work just like most people are used to hallway switches, or multi-switch room switches working.

A general “Wait” interval rule

This would be very helpful for some automations on any device. For example, when I code automations on Alexa or Tasker, etc I often use a “Wait X seconds/minutes” as an action before it goes on to the next action. This helps give the previous action enough time to take effect and allows us to set a long string of much more advanced automations.

It would also be nice to have some conditional logic options including “AND” & “OR” options with rules.

If you can implement this, it would get a TON of attention for the company, seriously. You’d get a ton of free advertising in articles and bloggers and vloggers and people talking about all the stuff you can do just in the Wyze ecosystem alone. Seriously, this would more than pay for the effort put into it.


I’ll let you know what I’m toiling with right now.

I love the idea of using the color bulbs for visual notifications. I’m attempting to do it right now using a Google Assistant Routine (but I’d much rather just stay within the Wyze app).

The problem I’m having is that during the “brilliant notifications” the bulb isn’t seen as anything other than “a bulb is on” by the system.

So I set up this routine to turn on some of the bulbs red to remind me to clean out the cat litter box. But my own rules that I run constantly to turn lights off in rooms without motion (when motion sensor is clear for 30m, for instance) totally wipe out my visual notifications.

This is where that IF/WHEN AND/OR THEN/DO logic would be be so useful. I’d love to say “WHEN there’s no motion for 30m AND the bulb is set to a white color THEN DO turn off the bulb”.

TLDR: I guess my suggestion for rules for the Color Bulbs themselves is allow the current set color to be a Trigger condition. It doesn’t have to be fully RGB granular, but just binary: bulb set to white (any color temp) or bulb set to a color. They even have separate color pickers in the app so I have a feeling those two can already be differentiated.

But I’m also 100% behind the above suggestion of allowing more complex logic in rules.


Ability to setup a rule that a bulb (or bulbs) do a certain action when a Wyze cam detects a person.

“Detects a person” is already a Device Trigger for Rules (at least for Cam v2 and Cam v3).

The Actions for Bulb Color are just currently limited to turn on, turn off, set brightness %, and set white color temperature.

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Not necessarily part of the color bulb, but it can apply:

A toggle shortcut. Basically, I want to be able to use 1 shortcut to turn lights on and off. Tap the shortcut and if bulbs are off turn them on, if they are on, turn them off. It will clear some clutter and integrate with the watch nicely


On the Wyze Color Bulb, I would like the light color and temperature K numbers to be visible when I’m making adjustments. This would allow me setup lights in other rooms to match precisely with other room instead of trying to match it by eye.