Wyze Bulb Color - What's the Point?

In the marketing for Wyze Bulb Color, they made statements like, “Smart Features you’d Expect.”
The smart integrations for Wyze Bulb Color are so poor that they should have just made them regular, remote-controlled RGB bulbs.

I also have plain RBG bulbs from Home Depot with a very ugly, disorganized app interface, but even these crappy smart bulbs are better than Wyze as far as what I can do,… and I want to do very little. Honest.

What is the point of advertising a smart RGB bulb if I can’t make RGB rules/automations? Why is the sunset/sunrise feature so poor, boring, and uncustomizable? Is it so crazy that I expected to be able to be able to wake up to a bright purple light?

Also, why aren’t scenes voice-enabled for Alexa? I have made a variety of fun and colorful scenes, but if these are smart bulbs, why do I have to open the app, select the light, and then select the scene to activate my scenes? Wyze LITERALLY has a shortcut feature, but I guess they just didn’t think to make Scenes and Shortcuts compatible.

For a smart home brand, Wyze seems to be sleeping on a lot of very SIMPLE features and updates. Seems they’re more interested in pushing out lamps and robot cars on April Fools than like, sticking to the script.


I have set up rules and schedules for my Wyze color bulbs, none of which are ever run.
Instead of my schedules running, I have to go in the app about 9:30, 10pm and manually adjust them to be a softer white and lower output.
My rules are set up so when the front door unlocks (Wyze lock) betwern 12:30am-6:30am it brightens to 30% and when the door closes it dims back down again to 10%. Has never worked.

The color bulbs are fairly new, Wyze usually updates stuff like this eventually. I’d suggest starting a wishlist if someone else hasn’t already.


I have a different manufacturer’s color bulbs.

The automations appear to be similar. That is, I can get them to automatically turn off and on only. Any color changes I bundle in do not work. I also end up manually adjusting the color.

I have not attempted to set additional automations yet.

Maybe have them a minute apart? Turn on the bulbs lets say at 8am, then a 2nd rule to change the color at 8:01?

I don’t have any real complaints about the Color Bulbs. I currently use Alexa to augment the features which are lacking. However, I just ran across this post from Wyze which is promising, to me:


Yeah I got my bulbs yesterday. I was really hoping they could replace my aging Lifx bulbs, but they don’t have nearly the same capabilities. When adjusting the Colors and Whites, I want to see the temperature k number. This would allow me to match bulbs exactly in other rooms. I also can’t control my scenes from Alexa. I guess the the saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. The more affordable price against Lifx should have raised an eyebrow, but I guess I wanted so bad to believe I would be getting something as good.

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It would be nice if it had the music and cinema feature like the ones I have now hoped Wyze color bulbs can sync with my music why not adding this feature would be great I bought 12 and I still need 12 more or more than that to replace my other smart bulbs but now I won’t cause my old ones has music feature and Wyze don’t and that’s upsetting.